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2014 Novelists, Inc. Board of Directors

Meredith EfkenPresident, Meredith Efken

Meredith Efken has previously written four novels and is now writing young adult and fantasy as Meredith Rose. Prior to being on the NINC board, she was NINC’s conference co-chair in 2012 and 2013. She has also served NINC as assistant Author Coalition representative, and has volunteered with other writers organizations in a variety of positions over the past fourteen years. Her “day job” since 2006 has been freelance fiction editing and coaching, where she assists new and experienced writers alike as well as publishers and oversees a team of contracted editors and coaches. She is passionate about helping authors and is honored to be NINC’s president as we celebrate NINC’s 25th year. Meredith believes that NINC is uniquely positioned to provide support, advocacy, information, and friendship to career novelists. She is excited to see the organization embrace new ideas as we move forward together in our publishing journeys.

Job description:

The President is the chief executive officer of Novelists, Inc. It is his/her duty to coordinate and oversee the activities of the organization, including the national conference, Ninc's various committees, and the organization's special projects. The President leads the monthly Board meetings and sets the agenda; writes a monthly column for Nink; and presides over the Annual Business Meeting. After serving a complete term in office, the Ninc President becomes a member of the Advisory Council.

President-elect, Julie Leto

Julie LetoJulie Leto is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over forty novels. Published first Harlequin in 1998, she has gone on to work for four different publishers, including Simon & Schuster and Penguin Books. Currently, she’s pursuing the wild world of independent publishing, first through a re-release of her backlist of suspense and paranormal titles and now through new spin-offs those earlier works. A graduate of the University of South Florida with degrees in Creative Writing and Speech Communication, Julie is a Florida native with deep roots in the Italian-Hispanic culture of her hometown of Tampa, where she often sets her books. She lives north of the city with her teenage daughter, a spoiled dachshund and a haughty Lynx-point Siamese. A long-time member of NINC, she hopes to continue the tradition of bringing together writers of different genres and routes to publication. or

Job description:

When a current President completes his/her term, the President-Elect shall become the next President. S/he shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President in the events of the latter's absence and shall perform such other duties as the Board of Directors shall from time to time determine, including overall charge of the next annual conference. The President-Elect also serves as Ninc's Public Relations Coordinator.

Treasurer, Ashley McConnell

Ashley McConnell is the author of two horror novels, the Demon Wars fantasy trilogy, and numerous tie-ins for the television series Quantum Leap, Stargate SG-1, Highlander, Angel, and (with Dori Koogler) Buffy the Vampire Slayer; assorted short fiction; and nonfiction about writing, science, and various other things. After many years working in the brown and sere desert Southwest, Ashley moved herself, her cats, horses, and the ever-patient Isis to the Southern US.

Job description:

The Ninc Treasurer works with the Central Coordinator to pay monthly bills. The Treasurer receives monthly profit and loss reports from the Central Coordinator and deals with Ninc’s bank accounts, CDs and money market account. S/he prepares the Ninc budget and conference budget in consultation with the Board and gets the Ninc financial records ready for the yearly audit.

Sylvie Kurtz, SecretarySecretary, Sylvie Kurtz

Flying an eight-hour solo cross-country in a Piper Arrow with only the airplane's crackling radio and a large bag of M&Ms for company, Sylvie Kurtz realized a pilot's life wasn't for her. The stories zooming in and out of her head proved more entertaining than the flight. Not a quitter, she completed her pilot's course, earning her commercial license and instrument rating. Since then, she's traded in her wings for a keyboard, where she lets her imagination soar to create fictional adventures that explore the complexity of the human mind and the thrill of suspense. She believes organic dark chocolate is an essential nutrient, likes to knit with soft wool, and justifies watching sappy movies by knitting baby blankets. She has written 21 novels. Visit for more information.

Job description:

The Ninc Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and all business meetings of the organization. S/he sends material and updates to the Ninc archives and also performs such other duties as the Board of Directors determines from time to time.

Laura Phillips, Nink EditorNink Editor, Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips always knew she'd be a writer, but took her time deciding what kind. She began her career as a newspaper reporter in the 1980s and later moved up to the editor's desk.  After taking a few years off for motherhood, she  resumed her career as a freelancer and has since written for major newspapers, regional and professional magazines, websites, businesses, and clients in the corporate security and intelligence worlds. She now lives on a farm in the Midwest with her family, writes full-time, and occasionally teaches classes on writing, fiber crafts, and herbal lore.

Job Description:

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for compiling each month's edition of Nink. This includes choosing appropriate content, assigning articles to writers, editing submissions, and working with columnists. The editor works closely with Nink's publisher each month to produce the print and electronic versions of Nink.

Lou Aronica, Advisory CouncilAdvisory Council Representative, Lou Aronica

Lou Aronica is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of both fiction and nonfiction. He is also President and Publisher of the publishing company The Story Plant. Lou is a past president of Novelists Inc.

Job description:

The Advisory Council Representative’s primary responsibility to the Board of Directors is to help to preserve the continuity and maintain the smooth operation of the organization, in particular with regard to outgoing and incoming Boards, serving as the official link between the organization’s past and its future.

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