A Writer’s Work . . . Is Never Done

- by Patricia McLinn

As a kid still aspiring to double digits, I asked Mom if I could have a clubhouse with my friends in our backyard. If we could fund it ourselves and get it built then, yes, she said, it could be in our backyard. Mom never thought we’d do it. Nobody thought we’d do it. We didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be possible, so we did it. We “loomed” loops into potholders and placemats, then sold them door-to-door for half a mile in every direction, toting our wares in a red wagon and taking special orders.

Two months later, Fort Pioneer arose in all its glory.

Flash forward a few decades, and here’s another impossibility turned to reality (sans potholder fund-raisers this time) and another pioneering effort:

Welcome to www.AWritersWork.com.

For readers, the site offers works from proven, professional authors not currently available through traditional publishing. That includes out-of-print works, plus a lot more. www.AWritersWork.com also will be offering original fiction and non-fiction.

And because the works are being offered directly from authors to readers, readers can benefit from great prices.

For authors . . . Well, can we talk privately?

With all that’s changing in publishing it’s very scary out there right now for a lot of authors. Sometimes it feels like a not-so-slow-mo tornado traveling through our industry. But, you know what? Twist this twister another way, and you start to see opportunities.

Including the opportunity to take our futures more into our own hands. For the first time in history, the technology (with the minimal investment it requires) allows authors to realistically present their work directly to readers.

There are probably a million potential business models coming out of all this change. The model for AWritersWork.com is by and for professional authors.

– Each author maintains all rights to his/her works.
To achieve this without a financial burden on the website, each author pays the (minimal) cost of putting up her/his material.

– After expenses for the website and costs associated with selling, income from sales goes to the author.
The site itself is designed to be self-sustaining, not to garner any profits.

– Participation is invitation-only.
Only commercially published authors will be considered for participation.

– The site Launchers have aimed to keep costs low.
One goal is to make participation open to many authors. Another is to allow for gradual growth.

As the headline says, the slogan for this site is: A Writer’s Work . . . Is Never Done. That’s our goal – that our writings can endure. That we can maintain the potential for income from those writings. And that we can keep writing.


  1. That’s a very interesting idea. You’re right, it’s scary out there.

  2. But amid the scariness there are opportunities — and we can’t let ourselves lose sight of that.

    So, scary AND exciting.

  3. Let’s hope that after all this hard work on your part A Writer’s Work will be a great success!

  4. Pat is doing a great job at AWW. There’s a lot of support within the group as we all learn how.