An Erotic Novelist Tells All

- by Charlotte Hubbard

How do you keep the sex fresh time after time after time?

After twenty years of writing books that range from racy to extremely explicit, I can tell you it’s sometimes a challenge to be up for the sex scenes (sort of like in real life, after 30+ years of marriage… ; ) Here are some tips for keeping those scenes fresh for your readers–and for you as a writer, too. And then you can tell me about your most unusual rendezvous and encounters, to win a signed copy of UNWRAP ME!

**Try different H/H combinations: While, yes, you can explore same-sex and multiple partner scenes, you can also vary the heroes and heroines you write. In “Naughty Noelle” from UNWRAP ME, I created an older woman/younger man, and Noelle and Andy’s romance plays against her mom and his uncle falling in lust, too (at their age! Imagine!)To keep myself fresh story after story, I vary the personality matches a lot, and I vary the secondary characters. In “The Captain’s Courtesan” from THE PLEASURE OF HIS BED, privateer Damon is a friend of Blackbeard–who then kidnaps Sofia, the love slave heroine, for his own nefarious uses. I also like to mix ethnicity, because describing a Latino or an Asian or a Native American offers varieties in accent, skin color, and cultural expectations about sex.

**Use the conflict to your sexual advantage: When Noelle’s duffel rips and her faded old panties fall out, Andy quips that while many women have dropped their panties for him, none were as hot as she is. And what better excuse for him to buy her a sparkly red thong as a Christmas gift? Noelle is ordinarily a very capable competent woman but this first Christmas without her dad, her husband, or a job makes her vulnerable. The last thing she needs is a too-cheerful, too-cute Santa who’s determined to lift her spirits as he lowers her jeans. In my WIP, identical twin heroines are so dissatisfied by their husbands’ sexual performance, they swap mates–which creates more conflict!

**Draw upon the H/H’s occupations: Andy’s rehabbing bungalows (which offers plenty of places for nooky, where only he has the key…) and Noelle ran an interior design biz with her ex (whom she caught in bed with a client and her college-age daughter. Talk about conflicted!) I’ve also written a female loan officer who turned the hero down for a mortgage on his mama’s ranch, not just because he ruined her small-town rep at Prom fifteen years ago, but because she has the clout over a high-dollar male model with a cash flow problem. Some occupations, like rodeo rider or striptease artist, are sexier by nature, but the real fun comes from creating a computer geek or a librarian who sets your pages and his/her partner on fire.

**Play up the setting: Andy lives in large beach home with his uncle, and the two bachelors have a doorknob code for “don’t come in now.” Noelle’s mom has a broken leg, which will confine her to the upstairs of their rental house (and Andy appears as the White Knight who carries Mom up all those steps when they arrive, which incites Mom’s matchmaking tendencies. I’ve written stories set in snowed-in cabins and isolated ranches, but the large desk in a banker’s office, a cocktail lounge on a cruise ship…places that seem too public–or too dangerous–created heat that was fun to write, too.

**Got a holiday or a theme? Christmas, Halloween, office parties…even cemeteries, offer unusual times and places to do it. When invited to write a novella, let the theme direct your naughty mind to wherever it’ll go before you write the proposal, so you can milk every opp for setting, language, season, and life circumstances to play a part in the hanky-panky.

**Write to a different kind of music: I have a CD of Yo Yo Ma playing Argentinean tangos that is just hot and passionate. I like the soundtrack from “Chocolat” (now there’s a fantasy, with Johnny Depp as a wandering gypsy-trash hero…) for playful moods. And when I was writing “Naughty Noelle,” I was surprised at how much sexy dialog lines of Christmas carols provided. The lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” inspired a lot of this story, because Noelle was pouting and crying and all of those things “ya better not” do when Andy Hathaway happened along in his Santa hat.

**Toss in some personal experience: I always smile furtively when asked if I’ve tried every sexual thing I write about! My husband, while a devoted fan and supporter, is not the model for my erotic heroes. I’m writing fantasy, after all! So the faces in my collages tend to be rugged, hot, provocative models from ads who inspire my imagination. And yes, when I close my eyes in a tub of hot bubbly bath water and let my mind wander, they always come through with fascinating flashes of do-it-to-me scenes. My cruise vacations gave me great stuff for ALL NIGHT LONG and HOT FOR IT. “Naughty Noelle” is set in the Outer Banks, NC, where I’ve spent many a wonderful week enjoying those huge, fully furnished dream homes.

**Dirty movies: Yes, I do watch the occasional porn flick to pick up on some costuming or positions or situations (certainly not for the plot or dialog! “Oh, God…oh, yeah baby…yeah, baby…(insert moan).” But it’s a lot more fun to create characters with believable personalities and conflicts!

So now it’s your turn! Briefly describe the most outrageous/daring/unexpected place or sexual situation you’ve tried–or have heard from “a friend”–and there’s a signed copy of UNWRAP ME in it for the two I like the best. WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! Our NINC Webmistress reserves the right to zap offensive remarks–and she shouldn’t have to!

Thanks for coming out to play today! I’ve enjoyed it!
Charlotte and Melissa


  1. Great post Charlotte. I recall one particularly hilarious scene where my lover and I were trying to get to the right angle and he tried standing on his low coffee table. We got the giggles and while I’m sure the night continued to be just as fun, it’s the coffee table I remember.

  2. Hi, Phoebe!

    Ok, as a writer who envisions/creates these scenes a LOT, I can see a guy on a low coffee table…can’t see *you* in this picture, exactly, but I have to wonder if the table tipped up and threw him off!

    You don’t have to answer that! Thanks for joining in!

  3. My cousin is a flight attendant and I hear a lot of stories about people joining the mile high club. Getting it on in the airplane bathroom is pretty common, but my cousin’s boyfriend, who is also a flight attendant, persuaded my cousin to do it on a row of seats. When a flight is pretty empty, the flight attendants usually put all the passengers in one section and then they rope off the empty sections with curtains. My cousin and her boyfriend went behind the curtains and had their way with each other. It was pretty risky because the other flight attendants could have heard them and peeked behind the curtains.

  4. Hi, Jane!

    Wow, so your cousin AND her boyfriend are flight attendants and they get to work the same flights? Sounds like an EASY invitation to the Mile High Club to me! I am SO glad you didn’t tell me about them getting it on in the john…

    I, as a TWA brat, must confess I’ve never done it on a plane. But I can almost bet my dad has….we won’t go there, either! ; )


  5. Charlotte, I enjoyed your post and not everyone admits to watching “dirty” movies. ;)

  6. Forgot to tell you about my friend who had a very interesting and surprisingly freeing experience.

    It was when she met up with an old friend that she knew what they were going to do, even though the words were not said. But they felt like young kids and her friend pulled over in a parking lot and they had “fun. It was empty, but she was afraid that an unexpected guest (policeman). The freeing part was that when she tried to cover up to hide from anyone nearby that might be able to look inside, he said why was she afarid to show herself, that she was beautiful, and surpisingly, she left herself be free.