Beach Ninc

- by Sasha White

It’s the second full day of the yearly conference, and things are wonderful. Yes, we’re at the beach again, and no, the weather is not the fabulous sun shiny perfect beachyness that we’d expected, but it’s not that bad. After all, we’re still at the beach.

Even more than that, we’re getting to mix, mingle, talk to, and question some of the most amazing industry professionals.
The New Publishing panels on Thursday were invaluable to anyone who wants to build a career in writing, or who want understand the business. The biggest difference I noticed, since last years panels, is that this years professionals are no longer doubting the value of the electronic possabilities.

With panelists like Smashwords creator Mark Coker and Harper Collins’ Carolyn Pittis, Penguins’ Don Weisberg the information coming at you was intelligent, infomrative, adn very encouraging for authors. The keyword of the day might’ve been discoverability, but the message was clear…we all have options, and everyone is excited about exploring them.

This means we, as authors, have much to look forward too.

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