Beach Ninc 2011: Update

- by Sasha White

“For me the best thing about attending or speaking at the NINC conference is that the audience consists of professional writers. They hear it, they get it, they use it. It’s just that simple. It’s useful and fun from either side of the podium.” -Dr. D.P. Lyle, Author and Speaker

Ninc sunset buffet

The 2011 Novelists Inc conference is less than 2 months away, and things are shaping up awesomely.

Because being a professional writer is about more than just the writing, and NINC is focussed on helping us to understand, and make the best of the business aspects of our chosen careers, I think every writer should attend this conference. Plus, it’s at a beach resort in Florida. Who doesn’t want to go to a conference where there is built in beach time for relaxation. A business write off that’s enjoyable. *g*

Using our proven format we’re devoting the first day of the conference to panels of experts and top industry professionals speaking about and answering your questions on The New Publishing — Welcome To Tomorrow! For this one day special event NINC is opening its doors to members and non-members alike. Non-Ninc writers, $150, includes two meals. Industry types — reporters, publicists, booksellers, librarians, journalism teachers even — they attend as our guests (no fee).

While the full conference is open only to Novelists Inc members, the one day special event program – The New Publishing, Welcome to Tomorrow, is open to to members and non-members alike and we encourage you to join us to make 2011 better than ever.
Some of the panels you’ll see if you join us on Thursday October 20, 2011.

Session 1 – The New Publishing Landscape: familiarizing attendees with the range of options out there.  What are the numbers saying?  How does this relate to overall sales, to author income?  What do traditional publishers still offer?  What’s the advantage of the alternative publishers, and what do they look like?  What’s the best way to get your backlist out there?  What’s a vertical, and who is doing it particularly well?

Session 2 — Finding Your Readers: Going with the Pros; why the change in the publishing landscape requires driving consumers specifically toward your book and what the pros can do for them that you can’t or don’t want to do on your own.   What kind of marketing truly sells books?  Why are reviews more important than ever?  What other publicity is available?  What role does advertising play?  Why is effective research essential to a great campaign?  What does a successful social media campaign look like?

Session 3 – Finding Your Readers: Going it Alone; showing attendees how to build a marketing campaign for themselves, or how to supplement the campaign their publisher is offering. How much time is “a lot of time?”  How do you find bloggers, how can you determine if they have any readers, and how do you pitch them?  What packages are out there?  How do you build a useful social media arsenal, e-mail list, and web presence? How do you work with your local bookseller to increase your profile?

Session 4 – More Than Ever, It’s All About the Book: “content is king” means more now in the book world than it has in a long time; discussion of the market for enhanced e-books; what sorts of enhancements work for fiction; how apps supplement a novel.  What is a “twelve month novel,” and how do you keep readers connected to the author from one book to the next?
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Also happening at the 2011 Beach Ninc conference are workshops on various aspects electronic publishing, expanding your writerly horizons with magazine writing, keeping mentally and physically fit(Belly dancing anyone?), Headshot sessions with professional photographer (Yes, that photographer’s me. *g*)

With over 20 industry speakers and guests, and over 135 NINC members already registered for this years conference, we know Ninc 2011 is going to rock.

“I enjoyed the publishing conversations and networking so much at NINC 2010 that I immediately put the 2011 conference on my calendar. I really felt that the energy and interest in the changing publishing culture was so apparent at this NINC, and that the outlook was more positive and open than it ever has been. The dynamic mix of publishing professionals and published authors made the exchange of ideas (and the debates) worth the trip. And okay, let’s be honest, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico location didn’t hurt either. I look forward to both the conference and the chance to enjoy the beach again in 2011.” -Angela James, Executive Editor, Carina Press.

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