Beauty and Sex: That is SO me now!

- by Charlotte Hubbard

I don’t list New Year’s resolutions anymore—they’re   invitations to live better for a few days before utterly blowing them, or blowing them off—but I do focus on fresh goals. I have two this year:

Create beauty—and share it.
Think sexier, live sexier.

Have you noticed that the second one gets a little harder as time goes by?! I’ve been married to the same guy for nearly 35 years now, so the habits have sorta piled up . . . while the assets have sorta dropped down. But it all starts in your head, right?

So I’m making a conscious effort to buy some new clothes, to (gasp!) shave my legs more often, and to be “in the mood” more readily. You might think the author of erotic novels never loses that spark, but you know what? Sex—and stories—all get pulled out of thin air. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, not? (Maybe I should put my current story collage, featuring Johnny Depp and Sean Penn, beside my bed . . . ya think?!)

The first one, about creating beauty, came to me because I realized how many hobbies and activities I once enjoyed that have gone by the wayside—and how, while my husband has time to watch football, or play with his new scanner, or whatever, I always seem to be picking up the house. Or catching up on little writing business for my NINC office. Or answering emails. Or yeah, composing blog posts.

Where did that FUN time go? Why don’t I read for sheer pleasure anymore? I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been since I took a craft class or went to a movie!

Why is that? Where is my time going???

Since you’re reading this on your computer, you have my answer, don’t you?

I’m keeping it simple, but daily, this goal tending. I’ve simply decided to STOP the busy, have-to-do-it stuff by around 8 p.m.—to walk away from my office so I can devote those last couple of hours before bed to something I really LOVE to do.

I’m working on a wild, colorful afghan for a niece—creating beauty to share. Already have another pattern in mind for the next one, because working with color revives my spirit.

I spend an afternoon a week in the sound booth at the state library for the blind, recording my books—LOVE doing that, although it pays nothing. But I’m creating beauty to share.

I treated myself to a hardcover novel before Christmas, and gee, I’m reading it while it’s still on the bestseller list! Didn’t let it get lost in my TBR pile this time!

I took out two sweatshirts I bought long ago, plus that book on how to make appliqué jackets out of them, so I can create unique, beautiful tops from my stash of sewing scraps.

I WILL find a local class on glass fusion (after I meet my March 1 deadline) because I know I’d love to learn that new craft.

And I’ll keep trying new recipes and foods. And I insist on using my four colors of Fiesta ware for every meal—even when it’s just me eating a quick lunch before I get back to my manuscript. That’s beauty I share with me—and that counts!

Simple goals to liven up my life . . . and yeah, they get me off my butt and out of range of this computer. And we can only imagine how that might contribute to that second goal of living sexier, not?

It’s your turn now! Share YOUR goals here! Everyone who reads this can use a few new ideas. And meanwhile, I wish you your best year ever in 2010! May this be the start of a prosperous and productive new decade for all of us! God bless us every one!

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