Brainstorming, anyone?

- by Charlotte Hubbard

images-4Okay, here’s your chance to make your fantasies come true! I’m conjuring the plot/characters for my next erotic novel, SEXUAL HEAT, and I’m willing to give away books to those who help me out here! I figure you readers, writers and reviewers are just the ones to answer a few potent, pertinent questions I haven’t yet resolved in my head, before I submit my synopsis to my editor.

Here’s the deal: the story is set in Victorian London, 1899, and it involves a set of identical twins, Jason and Jude Darington. Hero Jason is older by minutes, so will inherit his father’s title—except Jason was involved in an accident/prank at the bachelor party on the eve of his wedding, so has been presumed dead for almost seven years. Our heroine, Maria Palladino, has always believed Jason is alive…but brother Jude has initiated court proceedings to claim the title, now that their father has died, as well.


I need to know….

(Answer ONE question per comment, please!)

1. What happened to Jason, that he disappeared/was considered dead, the night before he was to marry Maria? And what has he really been doing before he shows up in London again, very much alive!?

2. How was Jude involved in the incident with his twin brother? What story did he tell his horrified family and Maria? How will he react when Jason reappears?

3. Maria, of Italian descent, leads a double life: she is known only as Miss Crimson, London’s notorious gossip columnist, and has managed to keep her real identity a secret even from Jason’s family. Would you give her a different first name (Palladino connects to the previous book)? She has been allowed to live in one of the Darington town homes, a gesture of sympathy from Jason’s parents. She spends evenings at social events, gathering gossip for her columns. How does she spend her days?

4. What sexual situations would you like to see in this story?

I look forward to your responses! The winners may choose from books on either of my sites, or Thanks for playing with me today!


  1. Hi Charlotte! I know you said to only answer one question, but my comments are directed at question 1 and the first part of 2.

    Perhaps Jason got roaring drunk at the bachelor party, so Jude saw his chance to get his rival heir out of the way and put him on a slow boat to China or someplace. (Did they do shang-hai in England at the time?) Jude could have placed some articles of clothing or other personal items Jason had on his person at the time in such a way (floating on the water or lying at the base of a cliff with a trail of blood leading to the water) to make the family think Jason fell in his drunken state, died and was washed out to sea.

    Hope that helps. :o)

  2. Question one:

    As a bachelor’s night send off, some (possibly Jude) goaded Jason into trying some Absanthe (sp?) which has, for some, LSD like effects, as well as a trollope.

    He takes a swig. Starts going on a trip and hops out the window. The hooker freaks out, runs down stairs, (with the eyes on the prize) tells everyone drinking down in the sitting room that he wanted ‘unnatural things’ and would someone go upstairs and straighten him out. Or pay her more.

    Jason, obviously, isn’t there. The hooker sticks to her story. Jude starts thinking that shame of self made Jason run and starts concocting a story. What to tell Mum? What to tell the bride to be (who he longs for secretly) about his brother’s ‘unnatural’ wantings? How much to pay the hooker to keep her big yap shut?

    Yes. An accident. A terrible accident. Fell in the Thames. No body found. Yes.

    Jason, however, continues his bad trip. Doesn’t know who he is, where he is, or why the elves keep popping out of the cobblestones to leer at him. He eventually ends up sleeping in, then working in a stable. He’s very good with horses, he just doesn’t remember why. No one does.

  3. Sorry. I knew I couldn’t spell.

    Absinthe. The green faerie.

    Apologies. -g

  4. Jason was ambushed by ruffians sent by Jude and was put on a convict ship to Australia. Jason worked as a servant/laborer and was eventually let go.

  5. All-RIGHTY now! Is this fun, or what?!

    Some great, fun ideas here–and they’re all of a sexual nature, which is a must when I write for Aphrodisia! I’m guessing I’ll pick bits from a lot of these suggestions and weave them into a really bang-up situation for hero Jason to get home from. It fascinates me to see that other minds are just as uh, twisted as mine is!

    Keem ‘em coming! Wouldn’t be the first time I declared more than one winner!


  6. 3. She spends her days writing all of the fantasies she has of Jason into her erotic books she writes.

  7. Hi Charlotte!
    Doing #3 this time.

    You mean she needs a column name? How about Madam Chitchat or Madam Hearsay, Madam Laundry, or these with Madam: Whispering, Grapevine, Meddling, Scandalizer, or Tattler, Snoop, anything like that for her column name.

    I think maybe during days, maybe does make the dresses for the ladies and that’s; where she gets all her gossips from!

  8. Hi again, Caffey!

    My Maria already has a pseudonym for her scandal column: Miss Crimson is the toast of London society because she attends the “right” parties yet no one has figured out who she is! I was wondering if you readers and writers here like the name MARIA for a heroine: she’s Italian, last name/maiden name is Palladino (you’ll meet her brother Rubio, the medium, in SEXUAL SECRETS this fall, and he continues into this book with his sister, our lovelorn heroine).

    Will keep the contest going another day or so, as the YahooGroups links were down for awhile and some creative minds might not have gotten a chance to play yet!


  9. he was caputured by a amadam and taught how to pleasure women

  10. Checking in here, on Saturday morning, and I want to THANK everyone who’s been chiming in!

    Interesting to note that so many of us bring madams and hookers into our scenarios…I’ve researched those ladies a lot and happen to love them as a proverbial HOTBED of story possibilities. Even proposed an entire erotic series once where the madam and her girls were the heroines of each edgy/erotic/mystery sort of story–but my current editor really doesn’t like the brothel idea. Maybe it’s been overdone. Maybe he has his own reasons! But that doesn’t mean I can’t/won’t slip an occasional lady of the night into my work!

    Will keep the contest open through Monday!

  11. was awinner picked