Carly Phillips Talks Small Towns

- by Carly Phillips

From The Chandler Brothers in 2002 set in Yorkshire Falls, NY to the town of Perkins, MA in the more recent Lucky series, in one way or another, I’ve always loved contemporary small town stories, with the occasional hop into New York City.  With the resurgence in the genre, courtesy of awesome writers like Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery, small towns are even more popular.  For me, Serendipity is the chance to take what I’ve always done and go deeper.  Deeper into character and stories and deeper into the lives and loves of people who inhabit these small towns.

What makes small towns so special? For me, it’s the idea that everyone knows one another – which can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing depending on the character’s point of view and past history. Each small town has its own charm and of course, quirky characters known and loved by all.

A small town itself can also be a character.  Serendipity is defined by the landmark house on the hill, the Harrington Mansion.  The house and it’s previous owners have had their share of pain and heartache.  For Faith Harrington, daughter of infamous Martin Harrington whose Ponzi scheme bankrupted and destroyed many people and lives, the memories of the house are mixed, yet Serendipity represents home and a place for her to start over.

For Ethan Barron, the town’s bad boy who left home at age 18 and hasn’t returned in ten years, buying the mansion represents his bid at redemption.  Faith and Ethan shared a memorable motorcycle ride back in high school and a forbidden kiss neither has been able to forget.  But now, as adults, their social positions are reversed.  Ethan has money while Faith is starting fresh.  Neither are prepared for the impact of seeing each other again or for the role Serendipity plays in bringing and keeping them together.

I can’t wait for my readers to meet Faith, Ethan and his brothers, Nash and Dare, along with the a cast of characters I hope will capture their hearts and bring them back to Serendipity time and again. For more information on the small town of Serendipity and upcoming books, visit

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