Collaborating a Novel Collection

- by Patricia Rosemoor

DA coverNincers Patricia Rosemoor, Rebecca York, Dana Marton and Sharon Hamilton have banded together with six other successful romantic suspense authors to publish DANGEROUS ATTRACTION, a collection of their works–this includes Patricia’s SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS, Rebecca’s CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE, Dana’s DEATHSCAPE, and Sharon’s FALLEN SEAL LEGACY. The nature of the partnership is somewhat unusual, inthat a few of the authors are indie only, some are indie and digitally published, while others are hybrid–both indie and traditionally print-published. The collaboration comes not in the writing, but in the business of supporting and promoting each others’ work.


Having written two Intrigues with a paranormal element, Patricia pulled together an idea for a paranormal series, The McKenna Legacy. In the first novel, SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS, she explored a different aspect of the dream world. Keelin McKenna dreams through the eyes of a teenage girl who runs from her home because of an emotional crisis. Tyler Leighton, her father, doesn’t believe Keelin when she first comes to him. He thinks she’s a scam artist trying to con him out of money. Having refused to act in the past and thereby prevent a tragedy, Keelin won’t let it be. What will it take to win Tyler’s trust? And will they find the girl before some real harm comes to her?

Patricia says, “I got the idea for a family legacy when my uncle and cousin both created unrelated family trees for the McKennas – my maternal grandmother Rose having been a McKenna. I’d done two other paranormal stories for Intrigue and I wanted to do something that combined my family tree with beliefs of my Irish ancestors. So I created Moira, a bean feasa (believed to be a wise woman, healer, witch) and had her leave her legacy of love and danger to her grandchildren. I made Keelin most like her both in her psychic abilities and in her using her grandmother’s herbal garden to heal. Unlike many of my action-oriented heroines, Keelin is soft, both sweet and tart in nature, and definitely the ultimate romantic.”


Was it attempted murder or a boating accident? Either way, Jordan Campbell, the hero of CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE, is in a coma. In this novella, part of Rebecca York’s Decorah Security series, Frank Decorah asks nurse Hannah Andrews to use her psychic talent to connect with Jordan. She knows it’s a dangerous job. Once she’s on the case, whoever tried to kill Jordan will likely turn on her. But as she digs into the man’s background, she can’t refuse Frank’s assignment. Now she’s risking her life–and her heart.  But will this be Jordan and Hannah’s last Christmas?

Rebecca says,  “Apparently I am fascinated with the idea of mind to mind communication because I have used this in several stories, including my Mind Benders series for Intrigue. In CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE, there’s a further complication.  Hannah Andrews must communicate with Jordan Campbell, a man who’s in a coma. I love the intimacy of forging a bond with another person’s mind.  What closer connection could there be between two people?  Either they’re going to love or hate each other.  Since I write romantic suspense, i come down on the side of love.”


In Dana’s DEATHSCAPE, a Broslin Creek novel, when artist Ashley Price saves a man buried alive on her land, she doesn’t know he’s a detective, or that he will accuse her of being in league with a serial killer. Detective Jack Sullivan spent his career hunting the man who’d murdered his sister. But when he does catch up with the man, Jack loses the battle and is nearly killed himself. Can he trust Ashley, or is he walking into another deadly trap?

Dana says: “I wrote this book because of Jack. He is such a wonderfully complex character. Almost lost, walking that ragged edge. He’s been obsessed with his sister’s killer for too long. In trying to think like the killer so he can catch the man, Jack had taken a lot of darkness inside him. He’s gone too far, broken too many rules. He’s become ruthless. I wasn’t sure if he was in control of his vengeance or his vengeance was in control of him. I think he was almost too far gone for love to reach him. Certainly farther than any character I’ve ever written. So writing his story was really interesting for me, watching the light inside him struggle against the darkness, rooting for him that he’d be able to come back from the dark places where he’d pushed himself.”


Sharon’s FALLEN SEAL LEGACY is part of her SEAL Brotherhood series. Sharon says: “Navy SEALs have always been near and dear to my heart, I mean, who doesn’t love the look of a hot buff guy who saves the day every time against horrible odds? Who willingly goes in harm’s way for very little money, and shuns the glory? Sort of a Jamie-Fraser-type-of-reluctant-hero, all the smacktalk and bravado of the brotherhood aside. I guess I like writing them because of that. They are a closed community of brothers who have literally spilled blood for each other. In former days, being a SEAL was a nice badge, but up until almost ten years ago, the SEALs were trained by former SEALs who never saw combat. Now they are trained by hardened warriors who have lost comrades, held their best friends as they died on a battlefield somewhere out in a no-name village, protecting people that might not even know about the sacrifice. And for a public that cannot know everything about what they do, just by the nature of what they do.

“My stories aren’t revealing any security secrets. In fact, I’ve purposely altered facts and even been criticized for it, just so no resemblance of the real stories I’ve heard gets a chance to find its way to our enemies. I’m lucky. I’m a writer. I can make a happily ever after out of every tragedy, and that’s why I do it. Just my little way to keep some of these heroes safe, even if they are not the real ones.”

DANGEROUS ATTRACTION is downloadable at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, and Kobo, available for the incredible price of 99 cents until the end of launch week on November 16. There’s also an online launch party going on all week, with prizes, including an iPad mini.


  1. All I can say is, most everything I know about indie publishing, I’ve learned from NINC. :-)

  2. Yep :)

  3. NINC was new for me this year. But meeting and collaborating with other great authors I think is something we’ll see more and more. It was an honor to be in this anthology with Dana, Patricia and Rebecca.