Conference Call: Y’All Come!

- by Charlotte Hubbard

This is the first in a series of posts to make you decide “YES! I need to be at the Ninc Conference in October!”

Special Industry Focus
Brainstorming: the Future of Publishing

by Kasey Michaels, Conference Chair

***If you’re a published writer, you may join us for our “Brainstorming: the Future of Publishing” Day on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010! Check the details at!***

The first day of Brainstorming On The Beach is going to be very intensive. We’ll begin at nine o’clock Thursday morning, October 7, with two morning sessions, a break for lunch, and then two more sessions in the afternoon. You don’t want to miss any of them!

We’ve got six panelists sitting up front during each session, all of them asked a prepared jump-off question — and then we’ll sit back to hear the thoughts of say, an agent and a publisher as to, contract language concerning author permissions and grant of rights in the face of all this new technology.

Yes, we ask both of them: actually, the question is directed to everyone on that particular panel. And they answer, they discuss — each viewing the question and the inherent difficulties and/or benefits from their own perspectives. Maybe a literary attorney on the panel will step in with another way of looking at that contract language, one of our member authors will point out a possible problem at his/her end, or someone will raise a related question from the floor.

And we’re off! Real discussion, in real time. From there, we’ll go where the discussions take us, where the ideas lead us, and we’re all— Ninc members and other attendees—invited to raise questions and share information from the floor. A professional facilitator, Peter Novins, will keep the discussion flowing and balanced.

Already signed up to participate in the discussion:

Christopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center and

Donna Hayes, Publisher and CEO, Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.

Alan Kaufman, Literary Attorney

Angela James, Executive Editor, Carina Press

Writers House represented by Al Zuckerman, Simon Lipskar, or Jodi Reamer

Deborah Werksman, Editoral Manager, Sourcebooks, Inc.

Eileen Fallon and Lucienne Diver, Literary Agents

Brian O’Leary, Founder, Magellan Media Partners

J. A. Konrath, Author, Blogger

Lou Aronica, publisher, The Story Plant

Marcia Zinsberg, Executive Editor, Harlequin Enterprises

Joan Schulhafer, Publishing and Media Consulting

Kay Hooper, NYT Bestselling Author and Ninc President

Carly Phillips and Heather Graham, NYT Bestselling Authors

Two reminders:
•• For a fee, Brainstorming: The Future of Publishing is open to non-Ninc published writers, perhaps someone you know who hasn’t quite qualified for Ninc membership as yet. Tell your writer friends to check out the website for details on the One-day Program Registration:  And if they do qualify for Ninc membership—ask them what the heck they’re waiting for! They need to join!

**Both the Future of Publishing day and indeed the entire conference (other than Night Owls) are open and without charge for all industry professionals. Same drill: direct them to the above website page, where they can register as Industry Guests.

And if YOU haven’t yet registered, click on the nifty artwork and reserve your spot. Then add the badge to your website, your Facebook page, your twitter page, your emails, etc.

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  1. THIS JUST IN: None other than AL ZUCKERMAN, agent extraordinaire and founder of Writer’s House, will be joining us for this Future of Publishing day–and perhaps for the entire conference! You REALLY don’t want to miss this!