- by Charlotte Hubbard

I’ve spent the last week staring into space a lot…hitting the pool nearly every day…cooking and baking like I haven’t enjoyed for weeks…actually READING A BOOK that is not my own! Playing music with lyrics–loudly! For all practical purposes, I haven’t written a word, except emails, for a week now.

I have NOT stopped writing! Matter of fact, I’ve only begun: my completed book last week took me to the end of contracts with all of my editors.

While one of them–I hope!–will want the second book in my Love Secret series, and my Aphrodisia editor–I hope!–will want another couple of books, neither guy is committing to anything until he finishes my current projects with him. My previous Dorchester editor, now at Kensington, is open to something totally NEW from me, and my agent tossed me a COOL series idea, so I’m conjuring…

(How do YOU concoct stories? Keep reading–I might have a book for you!)

Oh, it’s so tempting to just PLAY! And I’m doing that, from what any normal observer could tell…but then, we writers are sly! Who knew that crocheting could be a great way to get my mind out of gear enough to hatch plot premises as my fingers fly? Who knew that gazing raptly at the moving surface of the pool would show me a key image that feeds into this new series proposal?

And then there’s ripping up my stack of GQ and other magazines–and last night one of those guys in the ads made me suck air and say “OH MY GOD!” out loud as I gawked at his photo. Needless to say, the new series has its first hero now, once I figure out this hottie’s name and who he is. Collaging still works for me: that collection of provocative faces on my bulletin board, beside my computer desk, is often the prod I need to keep writing when I’m nor sure where the story’s going or why I thought it was so freakin’ wonderful when I proposed it! Those focused, intent faces belong to real people–at least in my head–and they get pretty relentless when I think I have nothing more to say about them.

Pretty soon the Tarot deck will come out and I’ll start noodling with character/situations.  The images–the colors and facial expressions, and the way the people on the cards land…how they might be looking at each other, like they’ve got secrets…often triggers story for me.

Come Monday, the 8th, my agent is lunching with this editor to brainstorm this series idea, if she likes it. I think it’s especially auspicious that they’re doing this on my birthday! And meanwhile I’ll keep noodling…waiting for my agent’s report and reactions.

Care to share YOUR method for conjuring? It’s always fun to hear how other writers spin their webs from thin air and imagination! Tell me your favorite ways to make the magic happen, and if I tap you with my wand you can pick any book you see at or And thanks for playing along!

Now…back to waving my wand…


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I’m not a writer, but I wanted to wish you good luck. Hope the editor likes the series idea.

  2. sounds good love a hot book