Did you buy books for the holidays?

- by Diana Pharaoh Francis

The book industry is in trouble–who isn’t? I don’t know how much trouble, but layoffs are everywhere and book sales are not that great. Yadda yadda–like it’s news. I hate that. I love books. Bookstores are a little slice of heaven. The perfect place on the planet. Libraries come close (except I have to bring the books back and I’m afraid I’m a hoarder). So that brings me to my point. Books make great gifts–have you bought yours yet?

Actually, that isn’t really my point. I’ve been thinking about how many great books are out there and thinking–have I read them all? Do I even know they exist? What if *gasp* I’ve missed a truly great book? (my confession is that the holidays are often a time I go into reading hibernation. I’ll grab books and search out corners where no one will look for me and I’ll read voraciously. I read the rest of the year too, but somehow the holiday time gives me permission to hide and read and let the world fall apart around me.)

So here’s the ACTUAL point of this thread. Aside from my (wonderful, glorious, engrossing, fabulous) books *wink*, what books from 2008 are must reads? What would you recommend to everyone here and why? What makes them so great?

Get your pencils ready! Make a list!

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  1. Hi Diana,
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a terrific book! (I hope I have the title right.) Told through letters, it has fascinating characters and a terrific history lesson on the German occupation of Guernsey. It was a charming read from beginning to end.