Double Trouble!

- by Charlotte Hubbard

sexual secretsSome books—like some lives—are just more FUN than others! And from the time I brainstormed the plot of SEXUAL SECRETS with my Aphrodisia editor, I knew this story with its twin French heroines would be as much fun for me to write as it’ll be for you to read! (And you can WIN a copy! Keep reading!)

It all started with the premise…what if identical twin sisters were dissatisfied with their husbands’ performance in bed, so they switched? Since historicals were my first love as a writer, I was tickled to set this story in Victorian London—partly because husband swapping would’ve been a little easier then, if not entirely . . . moral.

Ah, but in fiction, we sometimes overlook those little details, just as Colette and Camille quickly shove aside any qualms about their dirty little secret. Colette’s husband, Heath, is a man of, shall we say, larger-than-life proportion and stamina, while poor Camille is married to an old codger who, yes, saved her from a tawdry life in the Paris backstreets, but he’s full of himself and . . . limp. Rutledge also happens to be Heath’s father!

So imagine the little escapades in that mansion where these four Bentleys live, in separate wings. And figure in the ladies’ maids and the cook, who immediately realize what’s happened but keep their mouths shut.

And then mix in a dark, exotic stranger who comes to London on a devious mission . . . spies on the twins in their couturier shop, under the guise of having them design his fiancee’s wedding dress and a costume for an upcoming ball. Hadrian Swann and his beloved are not what they seem—and they’ve come to cash in on a Bentley secret that makes our twin heroines look downright angelic.

And Rubio Palladino, London’s most celebrated trance medium, sees the whole affair on another plane entirely! Rubio is an artsy sort who can’t go anywhere without making an entrance in his flashy clothes, and he’s also a continuing character in the companion piece to SEXUAL SECRETS, which I’m writing now! It’ll be called SEXUAL HUNGER, out next fall, and it features twin heroes!

Meanwhile, YOU have an opp to win a free copy of Camille and Colette’s story!

I’m a newbie on Facebook, so I’m looking for friends! Post a note on my wall about getting a copy of SEXUAL SECRETS—and send me a friend request! It’s yours, autographed! Not on Facebook? Be among the first three to email me from my website, asking for a book—that would be

Are we having fun yet?! Hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed concocting it!


  1. Congrats on the new release, Melissa.

  2. Thanks, Jane!

    Good to see you here! Your book’ll be on its way SOON!

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