Fearless Leader: About Ninc.com

- by Laura Resnick

As you may (or may not) have noticed by now, the brand new Novelists, Inc. website has gone live! Go take a look at it, at Ninc.com.

We decided to completely redesign, reorganize, and overhaul the website in 2008, to make Ninc.com a more welcoming and informative site for virtual travelers on the Worldwide Web, and a more useful, navigable, and active resource for Ninc members.

The core team for the overhaul consisted of web designer Tammy Seidick, of TammySeidickDesign.com; Ninc webmaster Tina Haggard of Fingertek.com; Ninc website co-chairs Pati Nagle and Ginger Chambers; Ninc president-elect Kasey Michaels; and me (2008 Ninc president).

Ninc Blogmistress Patricia Rosemoor and Blog Assistant Joe Nassise joined the team thereafter. And they were soon followed by about a dozen dedicated Nincers who joined the new Ninc.com committee to continue updating, expanding, and improving it during 2008 and throughout 2009.

When modernizing and enlivening the “look” of Ninc.com, one of our goals was to make it more welcoming to readers, to prospective members, to casual browsers, and to Ninc’s many friends in the publishing industry. We also wanted to make the “public” pages of Ninc.com more informative about Ninc, our members, and their work.

Hence, this blog; the FAQs about Novelists, Inc. on Ninc.com; the news about our members’ upcoming appearances and books; the writers’ resources links; the complimentary newsletter; and the statistics about Ninc (from our 2007 data survey).

The Members Only pages also contain many new features. These are available only to members of Novelists, Inc. They include the Member-to-Member resources and the Discounts pages, where information is provided about member-recommended and Ninc-recommended resources for services, businesses, and supplies—in many cases, offering reduced prices to Novelists, Inc. members. There’s also an Insider Tips area with publishing news, a calendar of upcoming industry events, and other professional information. The Ninc Agent Directory lists contact information for more than 100 active literary agents and who their clients within Ninc are. The Reference section is a Ninc research resource. And, of course, all of Ninc’s projects, committees, contacts, and member benefits and services are available in the Members Only area of the website.

Getting this far has taken months of work, but there’s plenty more to do. We hope to implement additional plans for Ninc.com in 2009 that will do even more to promote our members and attract people to the public pages of the website, and also to develop new sections of the Members Only area for the further benefit and professional enhancement of our members.

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