Fearless Leader: Ninc Projects & Committees

- by Laura Resnick

In previous blogs on this site, I’ve talked about Ninc activities and member benefits such as the annual Ninc conference (blog date 07/26); our exceptional monthly publication, Nink (08/02); the Ninc Legal Fund (08/22); Ninclink (09/29); and Ninc.com (10/27).

While that’s already quite a lot, given our modest annual dues (see “Join Ninc” on Ninc.com for information about fees), Novelists, Inc. has many additional services, benefits, and activities. For example:

The Anthologies Committee works with our packaging partner, Tekno Books, to develop anthology projects that Ninc members can participate in, leading to further publishing and income opportunities for these writers. In 2008, Ninc and Tekno have worked on developing a series of non-fiction anthologies about the craft-and-business of writing fiction; we have also recently begun work on developing our first fiction project with Tekno. This is a new collaborative relationship, so the projects are new and in development; as publication information becomes available, it will be posted on Ninc.com.

The Digital Rights Management Committee is looking at ways to inform and assist Ninc members with the challenges, problems, opportunities, and rather confusing vocabulary of the rapidly-evolving publishing environment in the digital age.

The Discounts Committee develops relationships between Ninc and various services and companies prepared to offer special discounts to Novelists, Inc. members.

The Nink Indexer is creating an online bibliography of Nink articles from 1994 onward, so that members can more easily research their own interests or questions as previously addressed in Nink, or more easily find favorite back-issue articles they want to reference again.

The Outreach Committee is developing and implementing programs to attract new members to Ninc, since fresh faces, new ideas, and membership growth are essential to the ongoing vitality of any organization.

The Model Royalty Statement Committee has collected royalty statements from many Ninc members and is now studying them, with the goal of putting together, for Ninc members’ use, an informational report on royalty statements and a sample of a model royalty statement which would contain the information a writer needs and should strive to receive from publishers.

The Used Book Committee researched and wrote the Ninc position paper on the rapidly-growing Used Books Industry. See Ninc.com to read the report.

The Membership Committee processes Ninc membership applications and walks prospective members through the application process.

There are also various internal/housekeeping committees, projects, and coordinators in Ninc, such as the Volunteer Jobs List Coordinator, the Renewals Coordinator, the Retention Chair, the Elections Chair, the Nominating Committee, and—of course!—the Ninc presidential Food Taster.

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