Fearless Leader: The Ninc Year In Review

- by Laura Resnick

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy New Year!

As the year draws to a close and we review our accomplishments, it’s clear that 2008 has been another busy and productive year for Novelists, Inc.

  • We compiled a set of Ninc nonfiction books, in association with our packaging partner Tekno Books. Then we began work on our first fiction project in association with Tekno. Publication information about Ninc anthologies will be posted in the public pages of Ninc.com as it becomes available.
  • We formed three new committees: the Digital Rights Management Committee, the Outreach Committee, and the Website Committee. We also continued the ongoing work of existing committees, such as the Model Royalty Statement committee.
  • We commenced Outreach efforts, hoping to expand Ninc’s membership, bringing fresh faces and new ideas into Ninc. We also created, produced, and started distributing the new Ninc brochure.
  • In May, Ninc attended an in-person meeting of the Authors Coalition of America (ACA) held in New York City. And one of Ninc’s current representatives in ACA is participating in a project that will help new ACA reps from all member organizations get up to speed more effectively when they first begin participating in ACA.
  • We did a major overhaul of Ninc.com, completely redesigning and reorganizing the website. We also added new features, such as the Ninc blog, in which many of you are participating now. Additional Ninc.com updates and improvements will continue in 2009.
  • We hosted our national conference in March, in New York City, where nearly fifty industry professional participated in programming, and still more came to our cocktail reception. (So I was right: If you offer free booze, they will come.)
  • We recruited new Nink columnists Susan Wiggs, F. Robert Stein, and Lou Aronica. We added the “Bulletin Board” to Nink, to provide members with operational updates and tidbits about Ninc. And we recruited a volunteer to create an online index, by topic and by author, of Nink articles since 1994.
  • We expanded e-Nink, the electronic version of Nink, to include additional content, such as a series of articles by creativity coach Eric Maisel.
  • We participated in a Genre Writers Summit in New York City, learning from and sharing information with our fellow writing organizations. Ninc also joined an e-list where leaders of writing organizations can discuss mutual concerns and issues affecting writers throughout the industry.
  • We approved the first-ever application for a member to make use of the Ninc Legal Fund that was established in 2007.
  • We negotiated new Member Discounts programs, such as the almost infinitely-customizable arrangements that Ninc members can now make with Bookscan.
  • We began planning the 2009 conference in St. Louis, which will include a celebration of Ninc’s 20th anniversary and numerous program innovations, as well as old favorites.
  • We also did a lot of internal business and housekeeping to help make Ninc operations and procedures more efficient and updated.

This is my final blog as Ninc’s “Fearless Leader.” On New Year’s Eve, I turn over the bathroom keys, the map of where all the bodies are buried, and The Secret Handshake to my capable successor, 2009 Ninc president Kasey Michaels.

My year as Nincpres has been demanding but also rewarding, productive, and satisfying. I thank Ninc’s 600+ multi-published professional novelists for entrusting me with the care-and-keeping of their organization in 2008, and I look forward to seeing what else this remarkable group of talented writers and feisty volunteers will accomplish in 2009—and beyond.

All best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season, and a prosperous and successful New Year!


  1. What a wonderfully productive year you’ve had!

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