Feisty and Fine in 2009

- by Charlotte Hubbard

First, let’s indulge in some blatant self-promotion, because it fits so perfectly with the theme of my post today! Just got the cover for the July cowboy antho, and if this doesn’t put you in a fine, feisty mood I might as well post a page from a casket catalog here!


But even before I saw that hunky cover boy (who, just outta sheer lucky coincidence, looks SO much like the Native American hero in my story, LONG HARD RIDE) I had decided on my mantra for this new year. I don’t do resolutions anymore. By the time I get them worded the way I want, I’ve already broken at least one! But a little jingle like “Feisty and Fine in 2009” sorta rolls off your tongue and you can’t help smiling when you say it.

Which is the whole point!

OK, so the book biz may tank, the American auto industry may go belly-up, and more corporate crooks may come out of the woodwork after embezzling millions of dollars in these recessionary times—but I can’t change any of those things. I can, however, decide how I live my own life and I can choose the mindset with which I’ll deal with other people and my circumstances.

As for me and my house, we’re going with feisty and fine this year.

Do you recall how editors said, a few years back, that the feisty heroine was out of style? I so disagree with that! I predict that clever, resourceful, happy women who triumph in spite of whatever crap the world throws at them will never go out of fashion, in real life or on the page. And I predict that their men will be mumbling, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and “What’s she on, and where can I get some?”

What am I on? Attitude. Attitude is everything!

It’s no coincidence that I chose feisty for my writing attitude this year, either: seems the sweet historical series I was writing under my own name has been the victim of those adoring readers who share their copies of my books with twenty friends and family members…ka-ching, ka-ching, nineteen times, that didn’t show up as sales for me. And I still love those readers. They write me wonderful, uplifting letters.

But I also love writing hot, erotic romps as Melissa MacNeal, so she’s the queen this year! I’m really happy to be writing a fun, full-length book that comes out in November, (about feisty identical twins who swap husbands, in Victorian London) and to have another one under contract while my agent and I figure out what Charlotte will be writing next. Charlotte has reinvented herself before, and she’s fine with doing it again. After all, that’s how Melissa was born.

And as for the fine part—I don’t mean the reply you automatically give when someone asks you how you are! I’m talking fine china, which I use several times a week, and fine dining, which might be cooking really nice meals to eat on that china at home, or going out to places a few notches above those ubiquitous chain restaurants. I define fine as whatever makes me ecstatic at the moment. In 2009, I refuse to settle for average or make-do or whatever’s easiest. I’m a notorious bargain hunter (OK, I’m cheap!) so fine doesn’t necessarily translate into expensive: it costs me no more to go after what I really want, because designer labels never did a thing for me, anyway. Fine is a state of mind, and I choose to live there every day!

Does this mean no one in my family will get sick? Will my husband’s 401k recover its losses any time soon? Will I receive no bad news? Of course not. I can’t change what comes at me, but I can choose how I feel about it…how I react to it.

So there you have it! I choose to be happy this year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year, as well! Feisty and Fine in 2009…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!


  1. Hurrah for Feisty and Fine! Now is not the time to lay down and let everyone walk all over us!

  2. Hi, Estella!

    Good to see you here! Wishing you a fine, feisty year, as well. It’ll be as wonderful as we make it!


  3. Hi Charlotte,
    I adore hot cowboys and will look for LONG HARD RIDE. The title could be my mantra for this year! I also love the idea of twins swapping husbands. Wouldn’t that be fun? Unfortunately I have no twin nor a husband, but the thought is most inspiring.

  4. Hi Charlotte,

    Happy New Year.

    I think that is a nice cover you have there, the title sure make you wish a cowboy was nearby.