Final Day

- by Sasha White

It’s now Sunday Morning, the final day of the yearly Novelists Inc blog, and things are winding down. The Industry guests are gone, and it’s just the membership left here to dela with the nitty gritty. That is, to talk about and rehas everything we’ve learned over the past several days in an effort ot remember it all.

And it is an effort to remmebr it all because, as usual, there was a humonguos amount of valuable informationshared at the conference this weekend. Not just statistics and numbers and editor wishlists, but opinions from people who know this business, and little tidbits of humor. Anyone not remember who who said “Amazon is eating big publishers for lunch.” ?
or What “Discoverability” is, and the multitude of ways we can find it?

Aside from the formal sessions speakers have been wonderfully open to chatting at any time. Thubten Comford of WePost Media would tweet where he would be during certain time (The lobby bar or the Sawgrass Room at lunch) and invite anyone to join him and chat. I myself walked up to Mark Coker when he was standing inthe hall and just started babbling, and he was wonderfully gracious and welcoming. Harlequin Editors Angela James and Paula Eykelhof were full of welcoming smiles and happy to chat. Then there was the new guys in the block for us, Billy HUme and Marc Milot of Radiator Transmedia who has a display set up just outside the session doors and welcomed any and all qustions about what they offered. ANd it was well worth your time to talk to these guys.

All in all the conference was at a superb location, and full of great people sharing wonderful information. In other words, another huge sucess.

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