First? or Third?

- by Sasha White

I’m one of those authors that sometimes writes in first person, and sometimes in third.  I get asked a lot how I decide what stories should be in first, and which in third, why one and not the other.  That sort of thing.

My answer is simple.  I write the characters story.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that some stories belong to more than one character, and some are more one than the other.  First person, as in Me, Myself, and I,  is very common in genres other than romance, although it is gaining popularity with romance readers lately, mostly because of the plethora of Urban Fantasy kick ass heroines who are done in first.  However, I remember when BOUND was released in mid 2006.  That was only 2 years ago, and it was my first single title novel ever, my first novel for a New York Publisher.  I was super excited about the release, and majorly disappointed when my all time favorite erotic author refused to read it fora quote because she didn’t like first person stories.  Especially since her first book had been in first person too.  Oh well, that was just the start of that for me.

As the book hit stores, and review sites, I noticed many reviewers and readers saying they didn’t like first person. Then a couple of reviews came along that said they didn’t normally like first person, but they did enjoy BOUND.

I am proud to say that while I was disappointed that some readers would discount it outright like that, I never wavered in why that story was done that way.  I had written in third before, but in my mind, BOUND was Katie’s story all the way, and the only way to td it justice was to take the reader along on the ride with her.

Since Bound, there was TROUBLE, and WICKED from the same publisher, both in third person, with hero and heroine POV’s, and LUSH, and SEXY DEVIL from Aphrodisia.   LUSH is a single author anthology of mine,  three novellas inone book. All of the novellas are connected by an erotic gallery, and although two of the novellas are in third person, one of them is in first.  And this time it was first person POV for both the hero and the heroine.  I couldn’t help it. Those two characters just came across in my mind so loud and clear that I knew they had to be in first.  It was  new for me, but I’m happy I did it.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because MY PREROGATIVE, my most release release, hits stores tomorrow, and it’s also in FIrst person.  Even the title is first person!  Once again, the story seemed to be so one-sided in my mind that the main character needed to be heard loud and clear. Except unlike  BOUND, in this one I also included the hero’s POV… in third person.

So, I have first person, third person, and mixes of both.  It sounds very confusing, but to me, it’s very important that the story be written in whatever style is best suited to those characters, and the story that I’m trying to tell.  I think it’s of great importance that an author keep in mind that they are also a storyteller, and that sometimes, what best serves the story can be ‘outside the box’ I’m not talking about plotting, but about the way we tell the story.

But that’s just my opinion. *smile*

What reviewers are saying about MY PREROGATIVE

“MY PREROGATIVE is the perfect title to explore this intense tale of a naughty woman seeking love, but refusing to settle for the wrong man in her life… Ms. White grasped the concept of a woman’s needs and weaved a wonderful tale of realization.MY PREROGATIVE is an insightful and thought provoking page turner that I know you’ll enjoy.” —TOP PICK.  NightOwl Romance

“Kelsey is a very interesting character. There were times I wanted to cry for her, cheer for her and even a couple of times that I just plain didn’t like her.  I encourage everyone who enjoys romance – no, I challenge everyone who enjoys romance, to read this book…The incredible emotion and self-discovery in this book is worth any discomfort you may feel at raw and edgy sex…”~ Laurie, of Laurie’s Laudanum

“Sasha White keeps her characters real and her storyline true with plenty of hot-n-steamy, I-need-a-fan kind of relationships. Her books are always fun and exciting, and this one is no different. I loved it!!”Fresh

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  1. Hi Sasha,

    I’ve never heard a book explained like this, 1st & 3rd person. “My PREROGATIVE” sounds so incredible, it’s something I must read. :) Those reviews are enough to get my interest even more peaked.

  2. My Perogative sounds great. I like books wrotten in all of the POV’s.

  3. I’ll admit I’m one of those who prefer books written in the third person, but I’m not totally against first person narrations. Congrats on the new release, Sasha.

  4. I am one of the – apparently – oddball creatures who actually prefers both to read and write first person. It seems so much more immediate and in my opinion draws the reader deeper into the story. Third creates a distance.

    My first novel (published in 1979, back when the dinosaurs roamed outside the cave) was in first person, as have been several since. I find it easier. Also, the books I grew up loving – lots of Mary Stewart and Phyllis A. Whitney, et al – were done in first, so it seems natural. I do wish it were more widely accepted.

  5. i like the thrid person, i would perfer it. first is different to me, but if it is good i will read it.

  6. Congrats Jane.