Free Reads, and more

- by Sasha White

Money is on everyone’s minds these days, and when that happens, books, movies and various other forms of ‘entertainment’ are the first things people tend to cut back on. For some of us, that totally sucks.

Like most writers, I’m an avid reader. And like most people, I’m watching where I spend my $’s right now. What I want to do is remind other readers that there are some more cost effective alternatives out there. The days when you had to walk into a bookstore, and fight the urge to fill your arms with books, is gone.

E-Books are always available, and usually at a much cheaper cost than pocketbooks. New York publishers are even putting their books out in electronic format now. E Publishing is not only for erotic romance or erotica! Places like and Diesel Books carry all genre’s of books. (And you can ever PRE-ORDER books at Desiel, and they’ll downlaod it to you at midnight the day of release….like my November release PRIMAL MALE)

Samhain Publishing is first and foremost an ePublisher. (Many of their books do come out in print, about 6 months or so after the electronic release.) Novellas run at about $3.50 and novels approx $5.50. That’s a very reasonable cost. Sure you don’t get to feel the crisp new pages in your hands, or breath in the ‘new book’ scent. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at your computer desk to read either. There are mutltiple versions of E-Book readers on the market today, the Amazon Kindle being only one of them, or you can just read them on your laptop, like I do. (To learn more about eReader, check out DEAR, they have some very informative posts on them.)

Now, yes, eBooks are more reasonable than print books. What’s even better than that? FREE READS!

Samhain publishing has their Discover New Authors program, where you can downlaod certain eBooks for free. also has a list of free eBooks for readers. There are many other ways to find free reads as well.

As an author I’ve been putting Free Reads on my site for a while. There are a couple of Travel articles, Writing articles…and some Erotic Reads too. Most are posted on my site, and you just read them there, (They are short) but one of them, MEANDROS is a a PDF download. (WARNING: My stories contain explicit sex and language)

Lynn Viehl, otherwise known as PaperBack Writer, has been a huge proponent of Free Reads. You can find her’s listed here.

Many authors have free reads on their websites, somewhere. So surf your favorite authors site and see what you find. Then surf some New authors, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Oh, and if you’re interested in a chance to win a FREE KINDLE, already loaded up with books, check out Samhain editorAngela James blog. She has a HUGE giveaway planned for December.

If you’re interested in giving an electronic read a try. Just tell me if you’ve read eBooks before or not in the comments, and a random commenter will get a free Electronic copy of GYPSY HEART from me.

Be sure to leave your email address when you post, so if You win, I can contact you, and send you your prize. I’ll draw the random name on Tuesday morning.



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  1. I have read a few ebooks–but have to do it on my pc.


  2. I’ve read ebooks, but like Estella, do it on my PC. I’m not a huge fan yet because it isn’t terribly portable that way. And I’m still a sucker for pages I can turn :)

  3. I love my eBooks. I have the Sony reader which rocks. I also read some eBooks on my laptop and desktop. It’s great to be able to get a book in the middle of the night if I feel like it.


  4. I love ebooks. I’m saving to get a Kindle so I can take them with me. Right now they’re on my laptop.

  5. Just came across your blog on Google. Interesting post, you bring up a few good things to think about. Good luck with the blog.

  6. My husband got me the Kindle 2 because I love to read. This was the best gift ever! I have a very long commute to work so this is perfect for an hour train ride each way and the text to speech is great for when I’m driving. I love that there are so many choices of reading materials (books, magazines, articles, etc). If it came standard with a book light, that would have been nice but any clip on booklight seems to work well with it in it’s case…so I really have no complaints. It’s awesome!