Getting fired up with friends

- by Elaine Isaak

Moods are running high here at the Drury with our first full day of writing panels.  Lou Aronica, always a crowd-pleaser, spoke twice, relating his experiences from both sides of the publishing game.  He’s a great speaker, a long-time industry pro who lays it all out for us, and doesn’t neglect the new technology and new directions in publishing. 

New media was one of the hot topics of the day, with presentations about e-publishing as well as how to use new media to promote your books.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!  One of the highlights of the day was the pre-lunch buddy-talk between NY Times best-selling authors Kay Hooper and Catherine Coulter.They took questions and shared stories from their careers, “wild, wacky and brutal” just as promised.  They offered some perspective on the author so attached to her work that she won’t consider the market. 

Catherine:  Don’t say, “Oh, my art!”  ((with dramatic gestures of passion))

Kay:  Your art’s going in a drawer.

After lunch out, thanks to the lovely hostesses, I attended Cyndy Salzmann’s session about finding your organizational personality.  Alas, I couldn’t make it to her follow-up about “Taming the Paper Tiger.”  I was learning how to approach traditional media in Marianne Mancusi’s rapid-fire presentation.  I took two pages of notes and came up with a few action items for my next promo day when I get home.  Among other tidbits she shared, Marianne told us that a writer’s worst mistake during an interview is not to complete sentences.  Often, we get another idea and change direction mid-sentence, but it makes for bad soundbites.

I’d love to talk with the folks who attended the session on paranormal investigations.  Sounds positively spooky, especially after hearing Catherine’s own ghost story.

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