Good-bye from the Beach

- by Barbara Meyers

The conference is done; Lou’s about to speak.

It’s truly been an incredible week.

We started on Thursday Brainstorming on the Beach.

A lot of industry information our members did reach.

Then on Friday we gathered for more enlightening talk.

Frozen drinks, lunch, or a relaxing beach walk.

Some of the discussions were quite intense.

Our members are professionals, so it all makes sense.

Digital publishing’s the hot topic these days.

Wake up New York, you have to change your ways.

Discussion of contracts, rights and clauses.

The information flow never pauses.

You run into new friends and meet up with old.

Creativity is sparked, the muse will unfold.

The table’s turned; the authors are driving now.

Make money publishing myself? Tell me how!

We’ve plotted murder, discussed piracy and de-stressed.

All of this while we’re casually dressed.

We belly danced, negotiated, and quacked like a duck.

If you missed this conference you had truly bad luck.

Sign up for next year as soon as you can.

Invest in the future of your career writing plan.

So from the beach I now say good-bye.

When you see me next year stop by and say “hi.”

(Return and read my blog on 15 October.

I do write these rhymes while I’m stone cold sober.)

P.S.  Lou says:  “Be more wildly creative.”

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