Happy Mother’s Day!

- by Charlotte Hubbard

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! (Even if you’re not a mother, you deserve a happy day.)

For me, this weekend marks the completion of my six-month transition between Missouri and Minnesota. My husband took a new job in St. Paul on Nov. 1st; we started house hunting. We listed our MO home—sold it one January day and bought our MN town home the next day. We had all our earthly belongings packed up and moved into storage for two months while the new place was remodeled, and meanwhile I lived in my hubby’s four-room apartment downtown. I passed my drivers license test. We joined our new church on Easter and moved into our town home the next day. We’re out of the boxes now, down to putting up pictures and arranging the last two rooms downstairs.

And finally—the best for last: we fetch Ramona from the kennel this weekend! Ten weeks I did without my office manager and constant companion! Can you imagine the love fest that’s gonna happen in the back seat for the nine-hour drive from central MO to St. Paul?!

And how did this affect my writing, you ask? Well, I’m pleased to report that yesterday I finished the main draft of the Amish novel that’s due on June 1st. So despite all the distractions that first paragraph does and does not go into, I stayed on track!

How did I do it, you ask? Wish I could give you a pithy answer ripe with platitudes and inspirational advice. Most days I looked at my weekly writing quota chart, grimaced, forced my butt into the chair, and somehow got enough words written even on days when I really wanted to shop for new furniture or had to make some big decisions/phone calls/trips around a strange new city to keep the housing process rolling. No magic in that process, and yet I pulled several very nice rabbits out of my hat as I wrote.

I’m actually quite pleased with how this first book in my new Amish series came along! I don’t anticipate a lot of heavy revamping as I start through it again, come Monday, to produce the final version. I’m not really sure how it all came together. I’m just damn glad it did!

You know what they say: necessity’s a Mother!

So again, Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing you all the best from my new office in Minnesota, where I watch wild turkeys, a pair of mallards, and various other interesting creatures from my window . . . oh! Those would be the neighbors!

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