Have You Ever Seen a Liger?

- by Kelly McClymer

What Do a Liger and the NINC 2013 Conference “The Author’s World” Have in Common?

Answer: They are both in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

VcAoQ.AuHi.78According to the Myrtle Beach Online, Hercules the liger is happy in Myrtle Beach — and we expect conference-goers attending “The Author’s World” NINC 2013 conference to be the same.

Even better, interested conference-goers can visit this liger at the Myrtle Beach Safari. The T.I.G.E.R.S. (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species) experience allows you to get up close and personal with these animals.

ninc2013conf_logo_finalAuthors in the Myrtle Beach area are welcome to register to join us on Thursday for our open-to-the public event, “First Word: Putting the Writer First.” For the last few years, NINC has focused on all the new publishing and marketing opportunities authors have to reach their readers. But all that opportunity came with a price — less time to write because the business end eats up time and attention.

This year, we’re talking about going back to first base…reminding ourselves why we do what we do with an advanced writing session with Lisa Cron, Wired for Story.  We’ll also be taking a look at how to get help with the business side, so the writing doesn’t get buried under a marketing to do list.

NINC members are still able to register until September 30th, 2013. And this year, there is no late registration fee.

If that’s not enough to get novelists to the conference, here’s a message from former President of NINC, Kasey Michaels:

Recognize Yourself?

Check all that apply:

  • Print author
  • Print author also trying to get backlist into e-books
  • Print author and e-book original author
  • Print author who has never seen a lick of promotion from his publishing house.
  • E-book author, ditto.
  • Print or e-book author trying to climb the publishing ladder, seeking higher placement
  • An author looking for more m-o-n-e-y to show for all that hard work
  • Love the benefits of promotion, hate the scut work
  • Wants to know what everyone else but you seems to know about promotion
  • New to NINC
  • Heard all the positive feedback about NINC and want to get in on the party

Check more than two?

Then welcome to The Author’s World! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 24-27, 2013.

Why, you ask?  Read on…

Print Author:  Feeling left behind, left out, as if e-book authors get all the attention now and you don’t need to know this “new stuff,” anyway?   I understand.  You get full page ads from your publisher all the time, you’re always marketed to audio and book clubs, you can’t go on the Internet without seeing an ad for your book, turn on the TV or radio without hearing about your latest release.  You live in a wonderful world where all you have to do is write a good book and the world is your mollusk.

Well, lucky you!  From my thirty-three years of experience, seems to me the only authors who get the full publicity push from their houses are the authors who no longer need it.  But if you’re one of those lucky ones, hey, there’s always the beach, so come to NINC anyway.

Print author also trying to get backlist into e-book:  Juggling bowling balls might be easier, right?  Don’t look now, but if there’s no superhero cape tied around your neck, you probably need some help.

Learn what to look for in a virtual assistant, bring along someone who will do the work for you (so, you know, they can learn firsthand how to do it), take notes for yourself if you’ve decided you can go it alone.  It’s all at the beach.

Print author and e-book original author:  Well, Lord bless you, you are ambitious.  The reading world needs to know about you.  Does it?

All work and no promo can make Amazon.com sales of very good books settle in the mid-six figures.  Learn how to fix that at the beach.

Print author who has never seen a lick of promotion from his publishing house (E-book author, ditto.):  What, you think this is going to change on its own?

You really need the beach.

Print or e-book author trying to climb the publishing ladder, seeking higher placement: You actually believe this sort of thing happens by itself, or because you were sitting under some lucky star on the second Tuesday of a month that ends in R?  Uh-uh.  First you get people to notice you, buy you, read you.  Buy you again, and again; tell their friends, who also buy you.  Only then does the publisher who has bought you and published you for years figure out what a gem he’s got and start moving you up on his publishing list and promoting you on his own dime.

You need both the beach and a fizzy umbrella drink.  We all do…

An author looking for more m-o-n-e-y to show for all that hard work:  I dare you not to check that box!

Seriously, you need a tax-deductible beach.

Love the benefits of promotion, hate the dirty work:  Wow, you broke your pencil, pressing so hard on the paper to check that box!  I hear you, and I sympathize, feel your pain, etc.   No man is an island, and no author should be asked to be everything to everybody (only marriage requires that…).

So you need help.  Your career deserves help.  There actually are people out there who don’t consider social networking and such as dirty work, or as work at all.  These people are the new pizza delivery for harried authors who don’t have time to think, let alone cook dinner seven nights a week.  But what do you want on that promotion pizza, sausage or pepperoni?  You don’t know, do you?

You can find out … at the beach.

Wants to know what everyone else but you seems to know about promotion:  You hate them, too?  They speak another language.  They’re so savvy, so smart, so with-it.  You want to be like them.  If only you could tap their brains to learn what they know!

Is it rhetorical to point out that you can find all that at the beach?

New to NINC:  If you haven’t yet been to a NINC conference, felt the positive energy, learned more in four days than you could on your own in a month of Sundays, gone home resolved and regenerated, then there’s only one question for you:  “And you aren’t planning to come to Myrtle Beach….why?”

Bring the family, bring a friend, meet and mingle with like spirits, make friends who understand you better than your own family (who think you’re cute and all, but maybe just a tad bit strange).

Get thyself to the beach!

Heard all the positive feedback about NINC and want to get in on the party:  This one’s easy.  Check out http://ninc.com/join_ninc/apply.asp and do it soon, so you can gain membership, sign up for the conference and book your room.  Not eligible yet for membership?  Never fear – everyone is eligible for that important first day, First Word.  It will still be the best investment you can make in your writing career.

Now take yourself over to the conference page on the NINC website, www.ninc.com/conference_center and take a look around at the programs for First Word and the Main Conference, knowing it’s already a great schedule and still getting better.  Check out that beachfront hotel (gorgeous!).

I’ve been a NINC conference chair, in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  I have seen the energy, was delighted as the light bulbs went on over attendee heads, watched the great one-on-one connections made with our industry guests, listened to the laughter and marveled at the camaraderie.

I’ve been told the First Word day was worth the entire conference fee on its own.

Attendees have told me they hadn’t felt so energized in years.

I’ve even been hugged by an experienced, longtime author who told me the conference had changed her life.

Writers don’t tell, they show.  So I can’t adequately tell you what a NINC conference is like in this blog post.  Besides, I want to show you.  And to do that, you have to do your part, you’ve got to be there to experience it all for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

So…why are you still here?  What are you waiting for?  It’s simple, really (and deductible!):  www.ninc.com   Join us all on the beach!

Kasey Michaels

Perennial NINC cheerleader

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  1. The liger is cool enough, but now I’ve found something else at the Myrtle Beach Saari — a dog whose est friend is an elephant! Watch this vido — it’s great!

    I really want to know what hours this place is open for visitors!