(I wrote The Law)…and The Law won

- by Charlotte Hubbard

I am so pleased to say that LAW OF ATTRACTION finally comes out in a print version next week because frankly, this book has been more of an example of Murphy’s Law than anything the spiritualist gurus have written about the Law of Attraction. I so enjoyed concocting these characters and writing their story, which I proposed as the beginning of a fun, quirky new series set on the Oregon coast, but shortly after I sold it to Dorchester…

Yes, anything and everything that could go wrong indeed went wrong. My September 2010 pub date fell in the month when Dorchester decided that it would only produce an e-version of its new list, with print publication to follow in 2011. I knew better than to hold my breath. When all the negative news came out about this publisher’s financial woes, I looked at my wonderful cover, shook my head, and kissed the characters goodbye.

So it’s cause for celebration to say that—just like heroine Angie Cavanaugh, who at 40 has lost her job and her savings to an obsessive, abusive ex-husband—this book has persevered against all odds.

I vividly recall my lunch meeting with my editor, Alicia Condon, while I was in New York for the 2008 NINC conference. What a day, when all the energy and planets must’ve been beautifully aligned! I had just pumped up my agent about this new series idea over the phone from my room at the Affinia—and by the time I walked about eight blocks to meet Alicia for lunch, he had called her and she already wanted the series. She and I rhapsodized over beach bungalows and the nuances of New Age spirituality, which was a big deal then because books like The Secret and The Shack were proving there was a huge audience for fiction along this line—and there was no fiction along this line.

So I went home from the conference jazzed. I created an earth-mother psychic, Lenore, as a mainstay character of the series because her rustic old inn in Harmony Falls, Oregon, is a place were all manner of people have come to heal. Angie feels drawn to go there after her abusive ex has cleaned out her bank account and gotten her fired, not knowing that this little beach town—the very bungalow where she often vacationed with her parents as a child—has more of a soul-level connection for her than she knows.

Enter Ross Costello, a hunk Realtor who can sense the residual history of the homes he sells. Not only do he and his dogs, Elvis and Celine, grab Angie before she walks into the waves to end it all, but he tunes her in to numerology during his weekly radio show and discovers that POW! the two of them are destined to fall in love. Only trouble is, his old flame Rita, who runs the local Tarot shop, isn’t out of love with him yet—and she has one huge secret that will totally blow Angie’s trust in Ross.

Toss in a feisty, fun Latina cook who lives at the inn, and you’ve got a compelling cast of characters to spend an afternoon with in this book. Or at least they compelled me while I was concocting their story. Ragtime and Dixieland jazz play into this tale, as well, so the story has a beat and you can dance to it.

By the time you consider I drew upon my musical abilities, my experience with the Tarot and numerology, and my immersion in the beliefs and big names of the Law of Attraction crowd, I invested a lot of myself in this book–willingly, and for the love it, because the advance was . . . not so hot. Then, after I had already spent a chunk of change getting my website redesigned and buying ads for the September pub date, the book didn’t come out until months later. But we all have our publishing horror stories to tell, don’t we? If you’ve been in this business as long as I have, you could write a book on the trials and tribs of being a writer. Not that I want to.

Do I regret writing this story? Not at all. The bad vibes and misfortunes of the Dorchester debacle can’t stop the toe-tapping rhythms I heard as I wrote those jazz band scenes and heard Rita singing in her torchy voice. The Oregon coast still pulls me—my husband and I seriously considered buying property there—and I look forward to the morning when I can again walk along the surf on those mist-shrouded beaches in Manzanita, the real-life version of Harmony Falls. And I still rhapsodize over bungalows and Craftsman-style architecture, even though our new home in Minnesota is a far cry from that vintage style.

So I haven’t lost all that much, investing myself in LAW OF ATTRACTION. And gee, now I’m writing for Alicia Condon again, halfway into a new Amish series that debuts early in 2012. Yep, what you send out into the Universe comes back to you. Alicia and I have both resurfaced with a different publisher, and we believe you can’t keep a good story down!

That’s my success story, and I’m sticking to it.


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  1. Wow! Law of Attractions sounds interesting. I know what I will be reading. Your proof if you keep plugging away and something good will happen.