Imagination’s Other Place

- by Charlotte Hubbard


When you read this, I’ll be on the road to my father-in-law’s 90th birthday party! I’m the Queen of punch, mints and nuts, and I’m ready to feed 300!

Don’t I look calm and collected (and don’t I wish I were truly limber enough to suck a toe? Well, maybe not!)

Meanwhile, as I concentrate on this revision of my main draft, I’m going to share a few images I’ve saved from emails about, oh, bunches of subjects. Visuals like these take me to my “imagination’s other place,”–and sometimes to scenes in stories–so I hope you’ll enjoy a few ooh and ahhh moments here on our blog while I keep working!

How about we start with a bit of local color?


I’m thinking this one just has to be about some romantic rendezvous, maybe between starcrossed lovers…


And you can’t help but grin at this feisty fellow!


I’ll leave you with a smile now–and I’ll be back next time with something pithy! Thanks for understanding!




  1. Gorgeous color and swans….let’s see…photographer sees perfect shot, but on the other side of the lake, in amongst those trees is a) the murderer murdering, b) the spy spying, c) the conspirators conspiring, d) the lovers loving (one of them a high-powered politician)…and they see the photographer taking the shot and think maybe she’s caught them in the image…and soon she’s being stalked.

    That peaceful cove? No, not a romantic rendezvous at all…our intrepid photographer, on the run from the villains of the swan lake image, was *supposed* to be picked up here by the friend he phoned for help. But guess who’s being held at gunpoint in that house?

    Froggie come a’courtin’ is the picture the villains lose their tempers over while searching for the one they’re afraid of. Where’s our photographer? I dunno…but I don’t like the implications of no electric utility wires. What if she dropped her cellphone in that water?

    Winged smile…the villains don’t think much of that one, either. Meanwhile, our photographer just woke up with a lump on the scalp, a headache, and the feeling that the worst is yet to come.

  2. Gee, and the photographer managed a sex-change operation while on the run? Too bad the disguise didn’t work…

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