iPad Envy??

- by Charlotte Hubbard

While I’m so not a geek, or gadget-happy, the moment I saw my first iPad ad early this year, I HAD to have one! Bought mine direct from the Apple store online (no waiting in lines, thanks!) the first day they went up for order, and got free shipping, and received it on THE DAY they first came out. Way too cutting-edge and totally out of character for me.

And my iPad is totally cool!

I’ve never owned a laptop because I didn’t want to lug another “suitcase” on trips, so this little 7x9” gizmo fits inside my other carry-on. My case arrives tomorrow. I also opted for the full keyboard with a dock, which holds the screen at a better angle for writing and gives you a real keyboard (and the dock’s a charger). The onscreen keyboard is probably no challenge for those of you who’ve been texting and iPhoning, but hunt-and-peck has been my limit on it and frankly, I’m afraid it’ll slip off my lap if that’s where I’m entering emails, etc.

A COOL surprise for writers: while you can’t get a Word app for an iPad, you can buy Pages for $10 and I discovered, quite by happenstance, that when you email yourself a Word doc attachment, it opens just fine, but you then get the option to translate it into Pages and all your formatting returns! And the onscreen tutorial for Pages is hands-on and very easy to follow. So when I take this toy on my cruise, end of this month, I can have any docs I might need for working on my current proposals awaiting my in my email box. NOT that I intend to spend a lot of time working when we’re going to the Panama Canal! But on a 15-day cruise with 7 of those days at sea, you can bet I’ll be VERY familiar with what this iPad can do by the time I get back!

I hope to do some blogging from the ship!

I might buy my first e-book! The iBook app is free, and I’ve got it loaded. I’ve synced my iTunes playlists, and loaded my photos on, and got my mail accounts set up and working. I will admit that I learned a LOT by having my Mac man come over to help me with it yesterday: he’d played with his iPad for about 10 hours already, so he has the tapping and sliding and scrolling and all the other on-surface “moves” down, and he knows a lot of tips and tricks because that’s his side business as a Mac consultant. Way more fun to learn by watching and doing than by wading through the looooong user guide.

So did YOU get an iPad? Chime in here about what you like or found disappointing! Or if you have iPad envy and want to ask questions, do that, too! It’s always fun to share this stuff with friends and other writer-types. You can probably tell, again, that I am SO not a geek, so I’m betting I’ll pick up lots of good stuff from anyone who cares to comment!


  1. Charlotte, iPad envy here. With no USB port, are you simply saving your docs and then emailing them back to yourself? Won’t this get old and cumbersome? (Although it does give you the benefit of always having a current copy available via Web.)

    Waiting for version 2. Hopefully USB port, Flash, and lower price.

  2. Good question, Patricia! Good enough that I queried my Mac man, because 1) he’s a geek and has already mastered his iPad, and 2)I needed to know a better answer than emailing files back to myself, yes!
    Here’s what he says:

    there are a number of programs that allow you to transfer your files directly to your computer or MobileMe account, like iDisk (it’s free), and many more will emerge.

    So I’m going to check out iDisk and other possibilities before my cruise, yes! While I don’t intend to write full-time on the ship, I do want to be able to send/save stuff I work on for my new proposals/sample chapters I’m now working on. So THANKS for asking about this!

  3. iPad is way too cool to own, i wanna buy one next month.”-~