Life at the speed of…

- by Charlotte Hubbard

My in-laws are here for a few days. Love ‘em dearly, really I do, even if they make me slow waaaaay down to complete ordinary tasks. At the speed of Me, things like meals and errands and normal Real Life Everyday Stuff proceeds at a normal rate (whatever “normal” means!). At the speed of Them, well, patience is a big, big virtue.

And maybe it’s time I entertained a little more virtue, eh?

mrmrshIoma turned 85 this weekend and Wilber will be 90 in August. They celebrate their 60th anniversary in September. We fetched them from their retirement apartment in IA, and come time you’re reading this, we’ll be on our way to our nephew’s/their grandson’s graduation in Indy—a FINE celebration! And we’re glad they can go! Pleased to be taking them!

Grandma made Kirk a quilt and matching pillow for his college dorm room. It’ll be unlike anything he receives from anyone else, partly because Grandma HAS the time and was willing to spend her time making it for him. I, as Aunt Charlotte, was pleased to make more than 500 cream cheese mints for his class’s reception dinner. (Now you know how I spent my Memorial Day weekend!)

I, as Aunt Charlotte and the favorite d-i-l, am setting aside my usual writing schedule for all of this. I figure the WIP’s not going anywhere until I get back to it. And I figure that someday, we’ll be really glad we took Time Out for these family occasions…just as I hope my nieces and nephews will still be seen with me when I reach the age of Really Old and Really Slow.

So as you read this, think of us escorting The Parents to these receptions and the ceremony and then getting them to the airport in St. Louis to fly them back to Omaha (security procedures being another animal altogether). And then think of folks in your circle of life who maybe need a little extra time and patience from YOU, and who are probably more grateful for that gift of your time than you know right now.

I fully expect to reach 85 or 90—still writing, if I so choose! And I expect to still be motating under my own power, at my own speed…which will be waaaaay slower than I move now. And I hope, when I get there, Someone I Love will be taking me to family celebrations, and to their home to visit, and maybe overlooking how many other things they could be getting done while they wait for me to catch up to them!

Just a little food for thought as we speed along here, on the superhighway through cyberspace.


  1. Lovely post. Happy Birthday to Ioma.

  2. Thanks, Jane!

    It was a FINE, FUN celebration over the past 8 days and 2,000 miles in the car. Kirk, bless him, made *almost* as much fuss over Grandma’s quilt as he did over the Sirius radio kit/lifetime membership he received from a clump of other relatives. Aunt Charlotte here was totally pleased that folks at that big graduation reception (nearly 400 people for 16 home-schooled graduates) snarfed all the cream cheese mints…good thing I’d hoarded a few back at the house so we could enjoy them at Kirk’s party the next day!