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- by Vonna Harper

Bringing Romance Books Alive – Jennifer Feddersen, Owner and Acquisitions Editor of AudioLark Romance Audio Books ( and AudioMinx Erotic Romance Audio Books (

I love my job. As owner of AudioLark Romance Audio Books and AudioMinx Erotic Romance Audio Books, I spend my days bringing authors’ romance books to life. Our authors have previously published their works with The Wild Rose Press, Changeling Press, Samhain Publishing, Amber Quill Press and more. It’s our job to take their epublished and print published novels and make dynamic audio mp3 productions their audience can take on the road, to the gym and more.

What’s the back story?

AudioLark was founded in fall of 2010 by author, freelance editor and audio book narrator Jennifer Feddersen, and has quickly grown. Our first books debuted in late March, 2010. By the end of 2010, we will have published over 100 audio books.

How does it work?

We work directly with authors who retain the audio rights to their novels and with publishers who retain the audio rights to their authors’ novels. Once a novel is under contract, we take care of everything, from recording to editing to proofing and final production. Authors have the chance to proof their work and ask for corrections. We understand a novel is an author’s baby and we do everything we can to accommodate authors’ wishes.

Who can submit?

We only take submissions of published short stories, novellas and novels at this time. You must be able to show that you retain the audio rights to your work. If you do not retain audio rights, please ask your publisher to submit the work for you.

AudioLark accepts submissions of short stories (10 – 20k words), novellas (20 – 40k words) and novels (40+k words) with mainstream romance themes. This includes all categories, from westerns to contemporary to paranormal to inspirational and heat level can be from sweet to sensual. Your book must have a happily ever after ending.

AudioMinx accept submissions of the same length as AudioLark with erotic romance themes. We accept many categories, including lesbian and gay romance. We have been overwhelmed with erotic romance submissions and have limited production capability, so successful submissions will be those erotic romances with strong plots and characters that really draw us into the story, not just erotic encounters.

Getting the word out

AudioLark and AudioMinx partner with publishers and authors to get the word out about our products, and now that we have a catalog of audio books we are approaching content aggregators (everyone from Fictionwise to Barnes and Noble to to establish partnerships. We make use of social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, as well.

We also offer an affiliate program that lets just about anyone make money with AudioLark and AudioMinx Audio Books. If you have a website, you can participate. Visit our sites and click on the Affiliate menu button to find out how to set up your affiliate account. It’s easy – we provide step by step instructions.

Affiliates earn 30% of cover price on sales they generate and they keep on earning 30% of cover price for 90 days when a customer clicks through the affiliate link on their site. Joining the AudioLark/AudioMinx affiliate program is a great way for authors and others to generate passive income from their website.


Debut Tuesdays – Visit AudioLark or AudioMinx every Tuesday to find brand new titles for only $2.49! (Available for 24 hours only)

Subscribers also receive monthly updates on new products and special discounts not available to other customers. New subscribers receive their first audio book for free!


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