New Tricks

- by Charlotte Hubbard

I can’t say enough about what a great conference we had at the TradeWinds in St. Pete’s Beach this past October—but now I can show and tell something that’s a direct result of what I learned there! The Future of Publishing is happening now—months ago, matter of fact—and while I might have to run to keep up, I feel like I’ve latched on to the spirit required of this Brave New World of publishing…with a little help from my friends!

Finally, I dug out my six early Western romances, for which I’d long ago received my reversion of rights, and they will soon be available again in digital form! For more tech-savvy members of NINC this is old stuff, but for me, it’s a new trick. Particularly fun is the fact that my very first book, COLORADO CAPTIVE, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in January—and it’ll be out there again, with this gorgeous new cover!

I’m pleased to thank NINC’s own Joe Nassise for taking print copies of these six books (written before the days of Word files…when floppies were cutting edge!), getting them scanned and then formatted, and he’ll get them online for me as each one’s ready.

I’m REALLY pleased to thank good friend and NINC member Kim Price (w/a Kimberly Killion) for her stunning cover art! Like a lot of us, when things lagged a bit in the writing sales she pulled another talent out of her hat and wow! HotDamn came from her graphic design background: she does live shoots with models, has compiled quite a collection of stock, and has the eye for detail that made my covers really POP! She’s offering a 12 Days of Christmas special on her art, too, so check her out at

I also want to thank NINC member Joe Konrath for his eye-opening data and discourse on how to market these e-books. Pricing, website promotion/appearance, experimenting with cover art—and what can only be called guerilla (gorilla?!) marketing tactics: he amazed and amused us all with his personal experiences. And while it’s true a lot of us won’t have the, well—nerve or verve—for his balls-to-the-wall approach, you can’t mess with his success. And in this era where traditional publishers, mine among them, have floundered financially it only makes sense to be more IN CHARGE of your own writing career these days.

We also heard from NINC members who’ve banded together to form A Writer’s Work, and Backlist Books, and Bookview Café, where several of us have our digitized books for sale. If you think it sounds too difficult or too far-fetched, bringing your older works out of the closet and into the market again, we have members with answers—members who can hold your hand (or nicely kick your butt) every step of the way to get you going in such a venture.

For those of you who missed the 2010 conference, you can thank your colleagues who did attend and who INSISTED we return to the TradeWinds for a 2011 event: New Tools, New Rules—WRITERS IN CHARGE! For those who say, “oh, I can’t afford to be there,” well…maybe you really can’t afford to stay home! Because, like the stagecoach on this glorious cover, our “vehicle” of traditional publishing is riding toward a sunset. And lots of our NINC members are dedicated to moving forward instead of getting left by the side of the road, eating dust—happy to help other members progress, as well!

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  1. Wow Charlotte! Your new covers are gorgeous! You’re absolutely right, we can’t afford to miss the 2011 conference in St. Pete. The ideas will surely be as good the ones we found this year.