New Website

- by Sam Hunter

I have a new website that I am very happy with. My husband has been working hard to make it work with different browsers, runs easily, etc (he handles all of the technical stuff), but for me, the challenge was making a website that would update regularly and also be relevant into the future, as my writing changes. A new design is no small undertaking, so I wanted one that would last.

When I started out five years ago, I put up a sort of flowery romance website, but as I wrote more sexy Blazes that often had suspense and mystery subplots, it seemed to me that the design didn’t at all relate to what I wrote.  Now, a dozen books in, it’s become clear that mystery and suspense are a constant for me as a romance writer (and a budding mystery writer) so I needed a design and content that would encompass all of that and allow me to build into the future.  I also had to ask, what would make this interesting for people who stop by, to let them know a little about me as well as my writing?

I think we did it. Finding the right color combination was one of the biggest challenges, but what I like best is that everything was accomplished with little clutter and a relatively simple design.  I love how the RSS feeds from our blog and Twitter keep things moving on the front page (electronic multitasking, I think) and I think the themes and content have left me room to explore all of the possible directions in my writing as well as creating links and the bag addicts page (which should increase by about 5 pictures in the next week or so) to make things a little personalized.

How about you? Do you think about how your website represents how/what you write, both in terms of design and content? Have you found that you’ve gone through large design changes as you grow as a writer?


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