Non-Attendance Can Also Be Useful!

- by Victoria Janssen

Due to scheduling issues, I wasn’t able to attend NINC’s fabulous conference last month…but that turned out to be…not so bad. (Hush, I’m convincing myself!)

I would have loved to go. But since I couldn’t, here are a few advantages to non-attendance:

1. I was able to follow comments about the conference, as it happened, on Twitter. This introduced me to some new people, virtually, whom I probably would not have met if actually there and hanging out with my friends. I got a bird’s eye view of not only the sessions but the setting, the local restaurants, and the wireless availability, all of which will be helpful if I can attend next year.

2. I can look forward to reading more reports on the sessions, at my leisure. Since I often absorb information better from reading than from listening, this is an actual advantage, at least for those sessions that people write about. The reports I’ve already read were, like the Tweets, a bit like networking – I now know some new names!

3. I saved the plane fare…so I can apply it for next year. Reading about the conference made me even more determined to attend the next one.

4. Finally, not being able to attend NINC motivated me to run my own “program” simultaneously, just for me; I used the time I would have spent traveling on thinking about my career, and incorporating ideas that I heard about from the conference.

Staying home does not have to be wasted time!

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