Ode to Snow

- by Charlotte Hubbard

“Whose woods these are, I think I know…
He will not mind me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.”

How long since any of us watched the woods fill up with snow? I’m in Deep Deadline mode this week, but our snow last night had me gazing out the back window and playing with the color of the twilight sky, until I wrote “with the snowfall, our dusk shimmers like a pale blue pearl.” Hey, if Bob Frost can rhapsodize about snow, so can I!

Remember how you LOVED snow when you were a kid? My husband’s converting his family’s oooold slides on his scanner now, and this photo tickled us both. The drifted snowbank was probably a foot taller than he and his brother–I’m sure the boys were more excited about this than their dad was!–but aren’t we glad somebody got out the camera?

My Border collie, too, loves the snow. We play Frisbee in it (with 5 Frisbees!) We walk the loooong way around the neighborhood, to see what other dogs are out…to check our “peemail” in the snow piled at the end of driveways. Thanks to Ramona I get out of this chair and out for some air–good for us both! Saw a snowman this morning, and the branches for his arms were open wide in excitement! I was glad those kids got out to play last night!

And I love the sight of evergreens in their lacy nightgowns, and the way the snow coats the tops of bare tree branches like white frosting, and how the evening glows just from the light of snow on the ground. The world is hushed and muffled and less hurried…and just the sound of that makes me smile up at the moon, to watch the snowflakes drift down to my face.

Thanks for letting me share this! What’s YOUR take on the winter we’re having?


  1. I’m looking out my window into a North Texas snowfall. The ground is covered in a blanket of white, the plants are humps of white, the tree branches are lined with white, the roofs of my neighbors’ houses are the same color as the sky — white.

    This is our fourth (I think) “snow event” of the year — and some years we have none at all. I keep telling myself that come July and August, when the ground is like a pancake griddle, I’m going to look back at this with nostalgia!

    I’m wishing I didn’t have a killer deadline that prevents me from standing in the window and gazing out bemusedly at the unusual sight.

  2. Hi, Lillian!
    Yeah, I keep reminding myself that come July, I’ll be wishing for a little cold…you can darn well bet I won’t be blogging on Ode to Humidity then!

  3. Love all the visual images, Charlotte. My Aussie, like your Border collie, loves to frolic in the snow, and it’s so fun to watch. He barks with such joyful abandon, people who don’t speak “Aussie” think he’s upset and cold and wants to go inside. I try to explain that’s really saying, “OH BOY! OH BOY! ISN’T THIS GREAT! COME ON LET’S PLAY!!!”

    Personally, I’d rather be inside curled up before my kiva fireplace with hot chocolate and a romance novel.

  4. I live in Western Australia and we’re having one of the hottest summers on record at the moment, so my window panes are dusty and the sky is a burning blue. And the air conditioning is on non-stop.

    One of the reasons I emigrated here from the UK was to avoid snow, which might look pretty in the countryside but is horrid when one is driving or trying to walk in towns. I never enjoyed it even as a child.

    But I’m glad you enjoyed it, Charlotte. And I hope you go on making magic with words. Beautiful images there.

  5. From YOU, Anna–oh maker of magic with words–I take this as a high compliment! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment!