On the verge…

- by Charlotte Hubbard

I love this photo: it’s so ME right now! I feel like I can just walk to the end of this catwalk and plunge into SO many new ventures that’re this beautiful–and they’re all good!

As I write this, I’m on the verge of leaving for the NINC conference in St. Petersburg: six days in an oceanside room, seeing friends I only see at conferences, and WOW, the program! Got big-name industry types coming in to Brainstorm the Future of Publishing! I’m teaching sessions on numerology and collaging, and who knows what I might come away with from other presentations?

I’m on the verge, as well, of completing the first book of my new Amish series, Seasons of the Heart, for Kensington…slightly ahead of deadline! I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out, and how my characters have fleshed out so well for the next three books.

I’m on the verge of having another Aphrodisia single title out, too: SEXUAL HUNGER hits the stores later this month, as the follow-up to last fall’s SEXUAL SECRETS! Features some continuing characters from that story, as well as a heroine who enjoys twin lovers. But gee, she can only marry one of them! What to do?

That jumping-off point in the photo also sets the feel for a new contract opportunity with a new editor! She and I are brainstorming, enjoying the get-to-know-you stage of a relationship we hope will produce another ongoing series!

But the BIG ONE: I’m on the verge of moving to a new home in a totally new city! My husband just took a dandy new job in St. Paul, MN so I’ve been scurrying to get this Missouri home of 21 years ready to show and sell this week (yes, while I’ve been on deadline for my book and prepping for my conference!) I’ve discovered how addictive house-hunting online can be! Looking to move to a no-maintenance condo where somebody else mows our grass and clears all that snow they get up there!

So yeah, some moments my head’s spinning so fast it’s on the verge of just popping right off and launching into space! But it’s all good, not? I might be a writer, focused on my computer screen a good bit of the time, but never let it be said my life is boring! I’m on the verge of a whole new life…a whole new me!

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