Panic mode

- by AnnRoth

There are two kinds of panic: deadline and “other”, which is everything else. I don’t like either one, and do what I can to avoid the stress. Yet with the financial crisis and a possible depression looming, here I am, panicked. Yes, my money is in safe investments. Given the years of  gloom and doom I see ahead, that doesn’t stop my anxiety. I am definitely in panic mode.

But this isn’t a blog about the deepening worldwide financial crisis. This is about what I do to cope with panic. Believe it or not, writing helps. Burying  my head in the sand of my current work-in-process, in a world more or less controlled by me, provides lovely relief from those things over which I have no control. Especially since we readers and writers all know that whatever dire events happen to or because of our characters, in the end things will more or less work out optimistically. For the same reason, reading a good book helps, too—provided the ending is upbeat.

So bring on those contracts and deadlines, and other authors, keep those good books coming.

I’m curious—how do you deal with panic?

Looking forward to your comments and insights, and thanks for stopping by,


  1. I deal with panic by picking up a good book and reading.
    It puts my focus on someone else’s troubles rather than mine.

  2. Estella- Yes! There is nothing like reading a good book that takes you away from your worries. For me, writing is like that, too.

  3. Hi, Ann. Writing is good to get you thru life situations, a definite vacation in which you can center on characters/plot, etc. :) When I’m really panicked about anything, including deadlines, I usually leave the whole thing and get out and drive somewhere. By the time I come home, I’m usually balanced out and have found a few solutions.

  4. Cait- Wise advice, indeed. A break really can help calm the nerves and give a person a better perspective. Think I’ll go out for a walk right now …