REtrograde REvisited

- by Charlotte Hubbard

images-18Lots of us writers duck when we hear the phrase “Mercury in retrograde.” Word Wizards are mainly aware that during those weeks when Mercury appears to travel backwards, our computers, cell phones—any electronic gadgets associated with communications—tend to go sour and render us potential Word Nerds. So how should we spend our time between September 7th and the 29th, if initiating new projects and relationships, signing contracts, or buying new cars, computers and big-ticket items isn’t so smart?

Take it from the prefix RE: during this time we can make great strides by going back over things we’ve already begun (or thought we completed!), just as Mercury appears to be going back over its path.


You could REvisit the setting of your current story…maybe REdiscover details and images you’ve forgotten in that place and time. Do you have a character you really should REname?images-13

You can REvise your manuscript—or dig through your closet and REwrite a story you left for dead. Might find a whole new energy there, or a twist that was ahead of the curve when you first proposed it. Or you might finally find the key to REinventing yourself as a writer, and totally REvitalize your life!

images-12Are you due for a REorganization of your space? Do you need to REview your career goals or REconstruct a plot with a saggy, baggy middle? These are things you could do while you REcharge the batteries for those electronics that tend to give us fits during retrograde days. You can also REshuffle the songs on your iPod or REstart your computer after shutting it down a couple hours to let those poor chips cool (my Mac wiz recommends doing this once a week).

images-19On the RElationship front, you can REkindle a romance…maybe REnew your vows or REvisit public places where you daringly made love—or simply REposition yourself! REtreat to a favorite B&B! And hey, who among us couldn’t REplace that ratty old underwear? Might lead to REnegotiating who does those household chores you really don’t enjoy… or perhaps it’s time to REnovate your entire relationship by RElocating away from meddling friends and family.images-17

And if that relocation involves breaking away from your Significant Other, well, that means you are REclaiming your personal power by REfusing to let others determine how you will feel about yourself. And that can REalign your entire life!

Worse comes to worse, you can REconcile your checkbook. THAT ought to scare you into something more productive! Or REconsider something you said during an argument and REtract that statement.

images-11You can also REject the whole notion that Mercury in retrograde is a BAD thing! Because sometimes REthinking our beliefs can lead to to growth and progress!

My personal favorite?? The flashing neon sign on the Rum Boogie Club on Beale

And now it’s your turn! How do you propose to make this September a positive, productive month? Who knows? Your answer may be just what one of us will REact to!


p.s. What does Johnny Depp have to do with ANY of this? Made you REfocus and REad to the end of this, didn’t it!

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