Snagging Readers with Sample Chapters

- by Vonna Harper

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A Strategy to Attract Readers with Sample Chapters

There’s nothing better than a loyal reader…. especially the kind that likes your work and buys multiple titles!

With this in mind, I’m here to introduce a website that was created specifically for the purpose of helping authors connect with this type of reader:  

The basic premise is simple.  We make it easy for a large number of readers to sample your book by distributing the first chapter by email and featuring it on our website.  If they like it, they can buy the book, contact you through our system, or even join your email list. We provide a link to your website so they can learn more about you and your work.  We supplement this with an author’s resource center that offers a wealth of online book marketing information.

The Basics: How BookDaily Works

We offer the first chapter of more than 85,000 books on the site.  Readers can browse the samples on and also receive them by email.   Currently we’re distributing more than 120,000 sample chapters per day by email and have sent more than 29 million since launch.

We’re primarily building the site’s readership from our consumer newsletter site,  We serve more than 3 million readers on that site, send almost 14 million emails per day, and add more than ten thousand new subscribers daily to our subscription lists – this provides a nice group of readers to bring over to BookDaily!

Readers can choose to receive a daily chapter in their choice of genres along with the site’s “Book of the Day”.  We currently have more than 27,000 readers receiving romance chapters, for example.

So far, about 26,000 readers can have set up accounts.  This allows them to interact with the site in a variety of ways.  For example, they can review books, add them to their “Sample Shelf” to read later, contact participating authors, opt-in to email lists, and even print a custom bookmark for any book on the site – a reader favorite!  The other BookDaily email recipients are readers who have subscribed along with their subscriptions.

What’s in it for you?

As an author, you can set up an account and load your sample chapters on the site.  (Some books might already be there – we work with a company that aggregates samples for publishers to distribute for marketing purposes.)  You can load a biography, YouTube videos, a picture, and even link back to your website.  All for free!

You can benefit from increased exposure, more book sales, new email list members, website traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) value.  One particularly useful free tool is the BookDaily author sample widget.  You can put this on your website or blog to make it easy for readers to sample your work.

As well, authors receive a twice weekly book marketing email newsletter dedicated to helping you sell more books.   You can also receive a free downloaded report describing the BookDaily approach.

We offer additional low-cost promotional opportunities designed to help you ensure your book receives plenty of attention from BookDaily’s growing reader base.  While we naturally hope you’ll participate, and it’s not a requirement to take advantage of the marketing tools described above.

We all know that the bookselling landscape is changing dramatically.  It’s critical to understand the new rules of marketing as you strive to continue to grow your book sales.  As an author of multiple titles, the good news is that you have the most to gain by adopting online marketing strategies!  Here at BookDaily, we are delighted to help.

Here are useful links on BookDaily if you’d like to explore book sampling for your titles:

Home page:

Author Section:

Free Special Report “Online Marketing for Authors”:

Reader Account Registration:

Author Account Registration:

Author Promotional Information:

(Or contact Kicheko Driggins at 866-596-9732 ext.209)

(This post was provided by Scott Wolf, C.E.O. of ArcaMax Publishing, the company behind  Thank you for the opportunity!)


  1. “”Some books might already be there – we work with a company that aggregates samples for publishers to distribute for marketing purposes.”

    What does this mean? I notice one of my books is listed. How do you get the sample? Do you need permission from author or publisher? And if an author joins, is there a mechanism for tracking response?

  2. Hi Miranda,

    We have a distribution licensing agreement with a company called Dial-a-Book for many of the chapters. They in turn have agreements in place with the publishers authorizing them to distribute these excerpts through our site along with their other distribution partners. I assume that your publisher does have a contract in place with Dial-a-Book. The intent is to provide promotion, of course.

    We only post chapters where we have permission. If an author posts a chapter, the site’s terms authorize us to display it. (Of course, that’s why they are doing it!)

    Regarding tracking, we do provide stats showing the number of times the book is read on the site or by email. As well, for authors that take the next step and sponsor their title, we let them know when sales come through our Amazon link. Naturally we don’t know when someone clicks off our site to the author’s site and buys from there or buys the book in a store after seeing it in on BookDaily.

    Thank you!

    Scott Wolf

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