Snow Days

- by Dianne Drake

IMG_0037IMG_0012 I watched the snow storm yesterday, and if left me with some odd questions.
1. Why did the store sell out of milk and bread? That’s a question I’ve never had answered.

Quick, run to the store for milk and bread, we’re having a blizzard! I, for one bought neither. In fact, my cart (I shopped on my usual shopping days) was filled with produce for the most part, a large chuck roast which I’ll grind into hamburger since all the hamburger was sold out, as well, a few staples that weren’t apparently popular with panic shoppers.

Ha! I even saw one poor soul pull a can of spotted dick off the shelf to read the ingredients. “Sorry dear, but they were out of milk and bread. I did manage to score this last can of spotted dick, though.”

2. Why are people just stupid on the road. Case in point, I saw a city bus get stuck trying to get up an incline. He couldn’t move forwards or backwards which gave other cars plenty of opportunity to squeeze in around him, further preventing him from moving. Poor bus driver had to get out of his bus and ask each and every one of these cars to give him space. Wouldn’t you think that would be common sense?

3. I saw another car get stuck on the same incline as the bus, but rather than anybody stopping to help him, at least 20 cars drove by. Finally a taxi driver stopped and gave he man just what he needed to get out of there. Make you kind of hope that a few of those other drivers get stuck and need a little help to get by. And, that they have better luck than the man they drove by.

4. Then there re the crazy drivers who speed, whip in and out of traffic and usually cause other people accidents. I watched the guy make his way up the street, causing other cars to spin off. Luckily, he was the one who ended up in the culvert and no one was hurt, but I’ll bet he had a long, long wait getting help since the emergency vehicles were out fast and furious.

As for me, I curled up at home with a mug of hot chocolate and spent my day at the keyboard. Guess I’m lucky that except for a trip out with my husband to take photos, I had no where to go, and I wasn’t in a panic because I couldn’t find milk and bread. For me it was a beautiful winter storm. We had heat, we had food and I had something to keep me busy. What more could I ask?

I hope your winter storms and lazy days are as good as the one I had. Sometimes it’s just nice to do something different. Something out of the blue hits and turns an ordinary day into a great one. I hope 2014 is full of great days for you, whether or not you can find milk and bread!

Wishing you Health & Happiness…and hot chocolate, buttered rum, a heating pad or whatever else keeps you warm.

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