Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers

- by Nancy Gideon

When I started on my road to publication back in the mid-80s, I didn’t know any other writers lived in the state of Michigan. I’d never spoken to a real author. All my information was gleaned from an out- of-date copy of Fiction Writers Market and what I saw on the bookshelves (which was, of course, at least 18 months past the start of any trend). When I look back, I find it amazing that I ever got a proposal into the right hands, let alone got published! It’s 50+ books later and, I’ve come a long way, baby! All aboard the tech bandwagon: Website, blog, Goodreads, FaceBook, Twitter, Pocket After Dark, guest blogging, chats, Amazon Associates, contests, video interview, widgets, whatsits, giveaways. I had to draw a line somewhere…and chose texting. I do not text. Yet.

I hate to think any aspiring or tech-impaired author has to work as hard, as uninformed, and as counterproductive as I did when starting out on my own and all alone. But when approached by Wise Words Publishing to compile a non-fiction book on writing, I hedged. When would I have time to work on my fiction projects? Who would care what I had to say? I’m not an educator or a media specialist. My only business kudo is a Romantic Times Magazine award for unique self-promotion. There’s so much information available these days . . .

And then I realized that was the problem. There is SO much information out there. That’s where I could be of assistance. I am a professional researcher. I love to dig up and organize facts. I DO have an honors degrees in journalism and communications in some drawer somewhere that was forgotten when I signed my first contract. What I could do was the leg work for authors who are too busy writing or don’t know where to begin to look. I could assemble the information, present it in a readable fashion with examples and go-to references so new or uber busy writers wouldn’t have to spend their time sifting through hundreds of pages of Google searches.

Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers is unique in that it will be presented digitally, a topic at a time, over the next 18 months then released (with updates because Social Media never stands still) in book form. That gives writers the option of just getting what they’re interested in or the whole package. There’ll be interactive extra content every month such as my Yellow Brick Road samples of my own experiences with the topic, contests, polls, quizzes, passworded bulletin boards where writers can learn more and share their experiences. Topics will range from budgeting time and money, book trailers and swag bling to conference battle plans and making reviews work for you. Something for everyone. Branding: What’s in a Name seemed the logical place to start, because writers need to establish their professional platform logically and efficiently.

Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers in all e-book formats. Look for it on Amazon or download directly from Wise Word Publishing. Visit me on the Yellow Brick Road for samples of what you can expect in months to come. And Get It Out There!



  1. Having read the first installment of Nancy’s GETTING IT OUT THERE, I highly recommend it to every writer, whether beginner or experienced, if you’re in a quandary about entering the world of social media PR. What a great addition to my cyber bookshelf! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Hi, Nancy. Your server’s down or I’d check out your site. Good luck with the book, though. I’ll check it out when I can.

  3. J.D., its up now. Funny what happens when you leave out an ‘s’ in the URL. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Ah! Yeah, you’re right. One wrong letter, will throw the whole thing off.