Social Media – friend or foe?

- by Dianne Drake

So, my second or third 2012 New Year’s resolution was to get on board with all this social media stuff.

Well, maybe not a resolution so much as a prompting, nudging, urging, kicking or whatever you want to call it from my publisher. In the unlikely event that I was actually going to give in to some of this time-suck, I took some webinars, did some reading, even went in and secured my name, lest someone else came along with the same name and wanted to do what I’m supposed to have been doing for quite some time now.

I’ll admit, I might have been keeping a few fingers crossed that my moniker in all its various forms was taken and that I was locked out of the social communication revolution. Not the case. I got in the door, which meant I might have to get with the program after all.

My next step, and maybe the most brilliant thing I’ve done in a while, was to hire someone to set up all this social mess for me.

Since he was already in my life, working for the company my husband and I own, it seemed like a logical progression from office assistant to Dianne assistant. He was glad to do it, and I was glad to have him on board, especially since he’s brilliant with these things, and actually likes doing them.

Unfortunately, turning over the reins to someone else didn’t preclude my involvement, because there were decisions to be made that needed my input. Still, I had help through the rough parts. Then, magically, I was on Facebook in both my names (Dianne Drake, fiction and Dianne DeSpain, non-fiction.) Pretty awesome, I must say. Until I realized that my entire life, and everything I’ve done in it, led up to 3 friends. Then it all seemed pretty dismal. Made me wonder, What’s the point?

Then came Twitter, and this is the one I’ve been warned away from by any number of afficionados. Still, we went there, only to find I have no friends. Well, maybe one since my assistant signed on so I could practice tweet. Talk about a big, lonely world out there when you’re talking and no one’s listening.

Then I figured it out. I have two Facebooks and two Twitters. I can just talk back and forth with myself for hours. No one will argue, no one will disagree.

It’s all good, and maybe that’s the best part in a world where everything is crazy, where people shout too much, or argue for the sake of argument. I’ve got my Twitters and Facebooks to keep me sane, a place to go when I want to keep the company of like-minded people.

Then this morning I looked, and I had 149 friends. My assistant said it was a great start for a couple of weeks. I looked at it as a responsibility. Now, I have to do something with my friends.

Not sure what. Have a party, break out the chips and dips. Or maybe be glad a few people will listen to me when I post something stupid like, Took Stojo to get his anal glands expressed today. He’s such a good dog.

I’m still wondering what I’m going to do out there in the cold, cruel world of social media. Don’t know, guess I’ll figure it out. In the mean time, please like me, friend me, follow me, hug me, hold me, sing to me or whatever the various platforms require, because I’m finding that I’m getting just a little addicted now, and I don’t want to do this alone.

For Twitter I’m @DianneDrake. For Facebook I’m DianneDrakeAuthor. Oh, and I do have a February release, The Runaway Nurse. I’ve actually figured out how to get the cover posted on my Facebook!!! And Dianne DeSpain’s A Writer’s Guide to Getting Published in Magazines, my former bestseller, was just re-released in “e” by the fab Nina and Brian Paules. Highly recommended, a great big “like” on their Facebook.

What’s really neat about that is I learned how to Like. So I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Or for now, a direction that’s leading me down a path I still don’t understand.  But I’m trying.  I’m really trying.

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