SORMAG founder LaShaunda Hoffman

- by Dara Girard

Tell us a little about yourself and your company Shades of Romance Magazine.

I’m the wife of a supportive husband, mother to three beautiful blessings and I work full time for the government.  I took my love for reading and writing and turned it into an online magazine.

This year we celebrate twelve years online and each year it gets better and better.

You offer ‘promotions for every budget’. Can you give us an example of some to these?

We have always offered promotions on the blog for writers and businesses.  We went to eblasts a few years ago and they have become a unique way to promote books and businesses.

We have low cost promotions on our SORMAG Goodies Blog – $15.00 ads

Our eblasts ads (sent out to 3000 mailing list 3500 social media list) start at $50.00 and go up according to your promotional needs.

We also create promotional plans if you have a promotional budget.

What are the three (3) most popular promotions with readers?

New On The Ereader –

Book Intros –

Book Spotlights by –

Are our most popular promotions with our readers.  We have our most click through with these promotions.  Now that ereaders are popular, our readers love to click and buy instantly through the eblasts.

Your magazine encourages submissions from published authors about the craft of writing and the industry. Could you tell us more about what you’re looking for?

I’m looking for articles that teach the craft of writing.  Articles about the business side of writing.  I’m looking for articles that encourage writers.  I’m also looking for short stories. SORMAG is a paying market, and I love giving a new writer a chance at their first byline. Check out our guidelines –

Initially Shades of Romance focused on multi-culture authors and literature, but you’ve expanded beyond that. Can you tell us more about your current direction?

We started out as a romance magazine and evolved into a literary magazine.  I believe books have no color, so I’m always looking for the next good book to introduce to our readers.  I’m currently working on offering SORMAG as print magazine that will come out four times a year.  Many of our readers still like the feel of a print magazine and I’d like to offer that as another choice for our readers.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to introduce new books to our readers.  I know how hard it is for a writer to get their book in front of readers.  I feel it is my mission in life to introduce readers to as many books as I can.  I believe a book is the best gift you can give someone.

What three (3) tips could you offer an author about promotion?

You Need A Budget –   I learned a long time ago it takes money to make money.  If you have a budget for your promotion, you can reach more readers vs not having one.  If you don’t have a budget there are many free things to do, but remember eventually the freebies will run out. The sites helping you promote also needs fund to stay in business.  Let’s help each other.

Know Your Reader – Don’t spend your time promoting to readers who don’t read your genre.  This means you have to do your research.  You have to find the places that cater to your reader.  That’s where you want to spend your promotional dollars. Just because a site boast 100,000 readers doesn’t mean those are your readers.  They might be mystery readers and you write science fiction.  A few might check you out, but a majority will wonder why are you wasting their time.

Always Promote Your Book – Don’t just promote your book when it comes out.  Start promoting your book 3-6 months before it releases.  Promote it when it releases and promote it after it release.  If you don’t talk about your book, who will?

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Promoting a book takes time and I know as a writer time is limited, that’s why there are sites like SORMAG who are here to help you promote your book.  Don’t wait to the last minute to schedule your promotion.  Start early and work with different sites and before you know it, your book will be in front of a many new readers.

Thank you, Dara for this opportunity to introduce myself and SORMAG to your readers.  I would like to offer a promotional special for your readers:


BOOK SPOTLIGHT BUNDLE: $35.00 (promotion on SORMAG’s Goodies Blog)

Book Spotlight Ad – Picture of book, blurb about book, link to purchase

Side Bar Ad – picture of book on the blog sidebar

Book Store Ad or Book Trailer – featured on the blog


  1. Hi LaShaunda!

    Great article and so timely with authors urged to do more and more self-promotion these days. I appreciate your insight on this very-important aspect of our careers.

    We met (via email) during the promo campaign for Tails of Love. You gave the anthology great coverage. I believe you also interviewed my friend, fellow Tails of Love contributor, Patricia Sargeant.

    Welcome to NINC! It’s lovely to see you in here.

  2. Hi Sue-Ellen,

    Thanks for your comment. Years ago the promotion was all on the publisher and the writer just wrote. Not anymore, if you’re not wearing your promotion hat you’re doing a disservice to you and your book. My job is to help the writer take a little of that promotion worry off their shoulders.

    I remember your campaign. Patricia is a sweet heart. I was able to see her this year at a conference.

    As a thank you for leaving a comment, I’d like to offer you a FREE Book Teaser ad. When you’re ready to use the promo, send me an email

  3. Hi LaShaunda! Just stop by to say hello and to let you know that I love the interview… Keep up the good work that you are doing..