At last! A stimulus package for writers!

- by Charlotte Hubbard


We in Novelists, Inc. are sick and tired of “sick and tired economy” stories, so we’ve created a stimulus package no fictioneer will want to miss! If you write novels—or you’re an editor or agent looking for your next, best novelist—our NINC Goes Platinum conference in St. Louis, September 30th-October 4th is where you’ll want to be.

Why? Because we’ve lined up a fabulous program guaranteed to stimulate your writing and career, but also because we’ve cut our conference fee in half! The first 100 to register pay only $187.50 for the conference fee. And even beyond that cut-off, our early bird rate is still only $287.50. Couple that with special rates at the Drury Plaza Hotel in easily accessible St. Louis, and you can’t afford to miss this conference!

Check out our Conference Center at, or keep reading here! I’ll tell you what we’ve got planned and how YOU can get in on it.

What You’ll Get at the NINC conference:

We start off with a BANG…as in, NINC Does Forensics, a Thursday pre-con workshop with Dr. D. P. Lyle. The $75 fee covers lunch and a full day of crime scene investigation, criminal psychology, and how to write about these topics accurately. We’re inviting agents and editors to attend this session as our guests (see the Industry Registration form on the site). We’ve nicknamed it “C-S-I Don’t Think So!” and it’s going to be, well—a blast!

We offer members-only Nite Owl sessions where we can let our hair down: everything from grousing about the writing life, to learning to characterize with the Tarot, to Feng Shui for success…how to stay sane while everything around you goes crazy. And yes, the hotel has a bar and we’ll see how long it stays open.

Our sessions on Friday and Saturday are scheduled three-deep, so you won’t wonder if there’s anything worth attending, you’ll have to CHOOSE which one you can’t miss! We offer sessions on small press and e-pubbing, world building, psychopaths, ghost busters, podcasting, organizing your space, as well as agent panels and editor events. Our presenters include Tami Hoag, Kay Hooper, and many other big-name bestselling authors. Sunday morning we tend to a little business at our General Meeting and wrap it up with insider straight talk about the publishing biz from Lou Aronica. For more info, check out our conference offerings at

What You Will NOT get at the NINC conference:

We don’t sponsor contests, do book signings, put out promotional items, herd you to endless award ceremonies, or offer agent/editor pitch sessions because our members do all these things in their other writers organizations. Instead, you’ll be able to chat up industry professionals and other writers in a laid-back, enjoyable setting where you can have FUN networking and meeting new friends. It’s a safe place for introverted writer-types to come out and play without having to be “on” all the time. We’re all multi-published, and that levels the playing field. NINC’s mission is to stimulate your writing at the gut level, on the page, and in the marketplace.

How can you sign up?

If you belong to Novelists, Inc. go to and click your way to a wonderful conference!

The NINC Goes Platinum event is for members only, or for publishing industry professionals. So if you’ve had two novels published (one in the last five years), check out our membership qualifications at Because we want professional novelists to have access to such a great conference, we can offer expedited membership approval—so act now! Our staff is totally volunteer and, hey—we have a conference to get ready for!

We’d love to see you in September! We’re Novelists, Inc. We write success stories!


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