Such Sweet Sorrow

- by Elaine Isaak

Alas, the time has come for us to part–Ninc St. Louis is officially over.   Many of us will still be here, visiting the city or our families for a few more hours, but many others have already departed back to their writing offices, hopefully inspired by the speakers and by the companionship of our fellow writers.

We went out on a bang with a lively discussion orchestrated by Lou Aronica about the future of publishing and our role in it.  Far from sounding the death knell, he presented some compelling ideas about what he foresees as well as how authors can not only thrive in the new e-book driven market that may be on the way, but also make the best use of new technologies to set ourselves up for lengthy careers in that market.  Much hinges upon finding the taste-makers who will trumpet our new titles to the right audience–and I think plans are already underway for Ninc members to share that information.

The general meeting this morning was well attended, perhaps because folks were intrigued by the folded papers we had been told not to open until them.  We were promised that someone would win a great prize–and how!Thanks to the board, we had a clear agenda and nice, well-run meeting.  I was asked to speak briefly about the Author’s Coalition and how it serves our membership.  The bottom line is, fill out your survey as accurately as possible, and you’ll be helping Ninc continue to present great events for published authors.  We talked about the success of this blog and how to keep that rolling with our popular industry guest slots.  Then the grand finale:  the coordinators of next year’s Ninc conference presented brochures to introduce us to the venue:  Trade Winds resorts, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. Oh my goodness!  The photos are drool-worthy and the description of amenities (including lots for husbands and kids) are fantastic.  If you weren’t there, you can check them out online at  you will not believe it!  One lucky novelist won a free registration to attend.

I think we had a great time “Going Platinum” this year in St. Louis–and “Brainstorming on the Beach” promises to be a wonderful event for writing and relaxing as well!

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  1. Sounds like a great conference! I wish I’d been there. Can’t wait to hear more about what everyone learned.