Team Monster

- by Patricia Rosemoor

 Now for something completely different…

Whispers from the Void is the comic book series I’m co-writing with three other romance authors. We are Team Monster. Whispers is a look at the dark side of life from the female point of view. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We balance the horror with humor. The stories are driven by character but filled with action. And a little romance will enter each monster’s life as the series continues.

Team Monster plots each story together, scene by scene, then we go away and each write a quarter of the story, and finally get back together to revise. We each are responsible for developing one major character and making sure she stays true to her character no matter who is writing that section (meaning we revise actions/dialogue accordingly).

Our characters are:

Callie, Vampire
written by
Patricia Rosemoor (moi)

Wanting to revenge her slaughtered family, Callie used magic to become a savage vampire. Now, centuries later, she’s cynical and snarky, semingly uncaring about the world around her. But when trouble finds Blythe or Ruth or Idonia, it’s Callie to the rescue. Though she’d never admit it, Team Monster has become her new family.

Blythe/Blight, Ghost
written by
Sherrill Bodine

Callie has been an 18 year old virgin for 200 years. Betrayed by her husband on her wedding night, she was cursed by his witch lover to sleep for 50 years and to awaken not as a friendly ghost but as a creature who destroys anything living within 4 feet of her. She tries to hide so she doesn’t hurt anyone. She’s been desperate and lonely, but now Fate has brought her Team Monster…and hope.

Idonia, Scientist
written by
Rosemary Paulas

Idonia, a scientific genius who has unraveled the mysteries of life and  death, will never age. Taking parts from different bodies, she created her masterpiece, a daughter named Ruth. Protective of Team Monster, she orchestrates her new ‘family’ to fight the evil that shadows them.

Ruth, Flesh Construct
written by
Laurie DeMarino

Ruth is thrilled to be part of Team Monster. Her gentle heart teeming with love for her mother, who made her, and her Best Friends Forever, Blythe, and Callie, Ruth is determined to protect her new ‘family’ from the surrounding evil. She’ll use her ballet talent, brute strength and the psychic ability she inherited from her mother, regardless of risk to her own life.

We’re waiting with baited breath for the artwork to be completed for the first comic. So far, it’s gorgeous. Rob Moran, the artist, is in Scotland. The colorist (sorry, don’t know her name) is in Portugal. The publisher, Charles D. Moissant, Silver Phoenix Entertainment, Inc., is in the US. As is Team Monster, of course. So this is truly an International project.

To bring the project to publication, we’re running a Kickstarter project.  Lots of neat “prizes” (including signed Intrigues by me) for pledges.

Take a look and share with any comic book fans you know!
So what comic books did you read when you were a kid?

What did you always wish you could read?

Thrilling reading…



  1. VOID is such an exciting project! I saw it on Kickstarter and was immediately blown away by your ideas and ability to work together. I remember being fond of Nancy comics. Her best friend was Sluggo and I believe Witch Hazel was part of that group.
    I wish you great success with this amazing comic!

  2. Phoebe — Thanks. It’s certainly something different. I think all four of us were influenced by comics we read as kids. I read Archie-Betty-Veronica comics, but I also read superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. I think that’s why what started as a “horror” comic turned into monster superheroines.:)