Tedious Tasks for Writers

- by Nancy Cohen

Are there times when you feel brain dead or too tired to think straight? Never fear, you can still accomplish something by doing a mindless task. Here’s a list of boring jobs to do when you want to be productive without much mental effort.

Organize your Internet Bookmarks or Favorites

Verify that the links are still valid on your Favorites list

Verify that the links are still valid on your website

Update mailing lists and remove bounces and unsubscribes

Transfer files from floppies if you still have them to your hard drive or onto a DVD

Backup your files to other media

Email a file of your WIP to yourself at an online address you don’t use so often

Eliminate old files on computer that you no longer need

Clean out old materials from your office drawers

Erase old messages you don’t need to retain in Email folders

File papers in your To Be Filed stack

Do research for your next scene

Convert your old version word processing files into latest version on your computer

Search for and eliminate duplicate photos and files

Make sure your social network, website, and blog buttons are on each other’s sites

Update list of reviewers and bloggers who host guest interviews and blogs

Write blogs like this one

What else would you add?


  1. On the very top of the list, I’d add– run a diagnostic program on your computer and, while it’s running, stretch out with a book you want to read. After that is done, make sure your virus program is up to date then run that. A healthy computer is very important.

  2. Good ideas, Marilynn. I’ll add those to my list!

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