The Nitty Gritty

- by Elaine Isaak

J. A. Konrath’s presentation this morning about his extraordinary e-book success left many authors feeling excited and optimistic about our e-publishing future. He shared generously from his experiences and contacts–from his pricing experiments to the names of the professionals who design his covers and format the texts. Many of us are already starting to put out backlist in e-book form, and I suspect there’ll be a big surge after this talk!

Those of us at the Contracts & Negotiation session were a bit disappointed to run out of time, but we certainly were given some things to look at in our next contracts. Of course, coming off of Joe Konrath’s talk, some were simply thinking about alternatives to traditional publishing, and how our industry is changing.

But my morning started out with a picnic breakfast on the beach. Pink sunrise coming up from behind while dolphins rose just beyond the swells. We found a hermit crab among the shells, along with some lovely natural souvenirs!

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