The Poet at the Beach

- by Barbara Meyers

Fresh out of Melinda Haynes Self-Hypnosis for Writers Workshop, I’m feeling very strong, confident and relaxed.  So I am posting the poem I scribbled during Dr. Lyle’s characterization workshop yesterday in between taking the notes I posted earlier.   Here goes:

I must rehydrate after my Beach Ball Blaster

It’s a good thing I didn’t drink it any faster

Or else in the workshop I’d be flat on the floor

They’d drag me to the hall and close the door

Is my character a tough guy, a whiner or dreamer?

I’m not sure yet, I know she drives a Beemer.

Will she change as the story moves along?

Remain a blooming rose or a lazy dog?

What are Sara Connors’ psychological issues?

She becomes a tough guy and never needs tissues.

We analyzed Hannibal and Clarice.

He’d never hurt her but remains a beast.

You want to dive but then you watched Jaws.

Avoidance conflict’s one of those natural laws.

Your approach looked good til you sighted a fin.

So you stay on the beach and think what might have been.

You’re just the writer it’s the character’s story

They go up in flames or garner glory

They’re not all totally good nor bad

If they’re memorable, though, your readers will be glad.

One comments

  1. Love the poem. :) Thanks for sharing, and I think I’ll go try a beach ball blaster.