Who You Know

- by Barbara Meyers

My father used to tell me “It’s not what you know it’s who you know.”  He was a wise man able to offer a pithy remark for just about any circumstance and his words of wisdom stuck with me because they are true. On the morning of my thirty-second wedding anniversary (apropos of nothing except […]

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The Trouble With “Free”

- by Deborah Cooke

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in writers’ circles about the practice of offering free digital books as promotion and the repercussions of such a marketing choice. I’ve been trying to make some sense of it myself, so let’s wade in and take a look at the issue together. There have always been […]

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A Bookstore in Your Pocket, a World in our Hands

- by Elaine Isaak

The Novelists, Inc annual conference is coming to a close–alas!– with a great talk by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, a platform for creating and distributing e-books.  One of the difficulties of traditional publishing he pointed out is the limited distribution rights often controlled under various contracts, leading, as he points out, to frustrations like […]

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The Circle of (Convention) Life

- by Victoria Janssen

Shortly after this post goes live, I’ll be on a train from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. so I may attend CapClave, sponsored by the Washington Science Fiction Association. It’s a fairly small conference if you’re used to behemoths like Dragon Con. CapClave usually features one track of panels and one of readings, as well as […]

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