They’ve Got My Back

- by Vonna Harper

 Right before starting on this blog I emailed a couple of writer friends. Letting my hair down around them is nothing new so maybe I shouldn’t still get this warm and fuzzy feeling when its time to chat with Kate, Catherine, Karen, Gail, Tallie, etc, etc, and my newest bestest friend Lynda. But I do. And […]

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Conference Call: A Stellar Array of Programs

- by Charlotte Hubbard

This is Part 2 of our Conference Call series (Part 1, about our industry-intensive “Brainstorming: The Future of Publishing” Day, posted on Tuesday, July 27th), with kudos to Kasey Michaels , our Conference Coordinator, and Karen Tintori-Katz, our Goddess of Getting The Pros To Come Talk To Us! URGENT REMINDER: August 5th is the last […]

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Another Me

- by Elaine Isaak

Many writers at one time or another adopt pseudonyms for a variety of reasons.  Many long running series are written by multiple authors using the same name to make it easy for readers to find them, and lend a sense of continuity to the work.  Other authors use different names to distinguish between different series […]

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Meet Social Media Marketer Chris Isaac

- by BlogMistress

Chris Isaac spent 13 years doing everything from Sales to IT to Marketing for a family company, after which he headed up Internet Marketing efforts for a Florida-based lodging and consulting business. In June of 2009, Chris founded birdbathBUZZ as a way of helping businesses better understand and use social media to market their brand, […]

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