Writing, Between Parent and Child

- by Elaine Isaak

My beloved elder child cannot write a paragraph to save her life.  I, a professional fiction writer, am perpetually mystified by this.  I know that it’s common for parents to have children with different skill sets, and for this divide to cause consternation on both sides. It helps when the parent recognizes the child’s actual […]

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April Fools’ Day

- by Dianne Drake

Hello & Happy April Fool’s Day! My April Fools’ Day started like any other day for me. That is, until the first five hours of my work efforts disappeared. Didn’t back up, didn’t materialize any where. Just gone. Poof. Vanished into thin air. It’s happened to me before, and it will happen again. All writers […]

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Flights For Two

- by Judy Griffith Gill

Individuals fly at a cheaper price-per-head than couples.

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Hard Habit to Brake: The Compulsive Grammarian

- by E. C. Ambrose

If you’re anything like me, that title is already killing you. You are itching to correct me.  To find a bottle of virtual white-out and make it right!  Too bad. Generally speaking, I only torture characters, but today, I get to torture you, my fellow authors.  ‘Cause this is exactly what I want to talk […]

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